This month saw the release of Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook‘s very first issue of the new Legion of Super-Heroes, a long gestating relaunch that was absolutely worth the wait. Between Sook’s spell-binding page layouts, and gorgeous inks and colors by Wade von Grawbadger and Jordie Bellaire, it is a sight to behold to say the least. And of course, none of that at all speaks to the fresh approach provided by Bendis, as I saw it described on twitter by the brilliant “Calamity Jon” Morris, the Legion finally feels young again.

I mean, consider the new take on Ultra Boy alone, who seems to be the centerpiece of the new arc! He’s finally not a surly, 90’s type anymore, which has felt like the status quo for forever. I love everything about this reboot, and cannot wait for the second issue to drop. Speaking of…how about a look at what’s to come on December 18th when the new issue drops? DC has provided a quick peek into Sook and Grawbadger’s uncolored first few pages and I have to say, if there’s a way to immediately win me over, it’s putting Cosmic Boy (my all-time favorite Legionnaire, and there’s no contest about it) right on the first page.

What a time to be alive! Oh, and you might find a familiar quote at the top of DC’s press release. As always, Long Live The Legion!

For immediate release:

Oh boy! The 31st Century doesn’t know what it’s in for.” –The Beat

Welcome to the 31st Century! Inspired by the acts of and lessons learned from the greatest heroes of all time, the Legion of Super-Heroes have gathered together to stop a galaxy from repeating its past mistakes. The greatest lineup of heroes in comic book history returns with new, fresh, and reader-friendly stories!

In the second issue of Legion of Super-Heroes, on shelves December 18th, it’s been one thousand years since anyone has seen the oceans of the Earth, but with Aquaman’s original trident recently discovered, a chase to control Earth’s future tears across the galaxy. All this and the reunion you’d never thought you’d see! Another DC sci-fi epic into the far-flung future like you’ve never seen before!

Legion of Super-Heroes #2
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Ryan Sook
Inks by Wade von Grawbadger and Ryan Sook
Color by Jordie Bellaire
Cover by Ryan Sook
Variant Cover by Jim Cheung
In Shops: Dec 18, 2019
SRP: $3.99 (cardstock variant $4.99) Legion of Super-Heroes #2 Legion of Super-Heroes #2


  1. “Handsome” is relative. I “love” nothing about this reboot and some of us like “surly”.

  2. I’m loving the new Cosmic Boy, too! Always been my favorite character since the Mike Grell bustier days! Sexy and handsome, so I’m glad they’re continuing Rokk being a stunner. The new Ultra Boy is nice, too. So far, I’m digging it, and I’m a 53 year old Bronze Age baby. Excited to see this new take on the Legion! LLL!

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