Darwyn Cooke has been working on his new SPIRIT stories for a while, and in an interview with Will Eisner: A Spirited Life’s Bob Andelman he talks about the book and there are some pencilled page previews. Nice.

It is interesting, because I think everybody who is consumed by storytelling within this medium has had some profound schooling from Will, and I have never had the opportunity to express that in a manner I’d find comfortable. I have basically been doing work for hire during the time that I have been in comics, and I have never been able to slot Will into that category. I think to a great degree I guess I never felt that it would be appropriate, you know? “Well, the way I framed things in Catwoman… I owe it all to Will.” Sounds kind of ridiculous, you know? I don’t think I did it with the other guys that meant a lot to me, like Harvey Kurtzman. But in terms of how Eisner’s work affected me, I came in contact with it — as I think a lot of guys my age did — through the Warren magazines. I can remember it was one of those days when I was thirteen, and I was in a comic store, and there was nothing that I wanted to get.


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