If you told me two tough guy nerdlebrities had thrown down in a comic-con green room, I’d think. “Ya right.”

Until there’s video.

The Blast reports that it all went down at the La Mole Comic Con in Mexico City this weekend. In one corner, Jason David Frank, 44, and former Green Power Ranger, and frequent comic con guest. In the other corner, Jean-Claude Van Damme, 57, sometime Expendable and former world kickboxing champ. It seems the duo were hanging out in the green room, but instead of enjoying the roasted veggie wraps like sensible people, a more than 20-year old grudge was resurrected.

Green claims he was asked to take a picture with Van Damme – which was odd because the two already had beef from….1995, when Green alleges JCVD was rude to him at the Mighty Morphin’ POwer Rangers movie premiere.

Green had previously attempted to settle the score by calling out JCVD in 2010, when Frank was an MMA fighter.

But back to La Mole. You won’t believe what happened next!

Frank tells us JC approached him with cameras rolling and demanded Frank apologize for calling him out in 2010 and said if he wanted a fight, “Let’s throw down.”

You can see the aggression in the video as the two stars beef up on each other, waiting for someone to throw the first punch. Frank even name drops his buddy Chuck Zito, who legendarily KO’d Van Damme at a topless bar in the 90s.

Van Damme and Frank both agreed to an MMA-style brawl and the Power Ranger grabbed the action star and put him in a headlock against the wall.

It was over before it even started — Frank says Van Damme froze up, seemingly surprised Frank was actually trying to fight him.

You can see the two fighting over fellow tough guy Chuck Zito in the video – which you  can only see here on The Blast. The footage doesn’t include the headlock, but, if you ask me, JDF seems to be more of the aggressor, maybe trying to settle the score of that long ago MMPR snub.

On his FB page, Frank played up the squabble, writing:

People told me to never meet your heroes because they will disappoint you. It’s unfortunate that this happened in 1995. Despite the fact, I’ll always be a big fan of his movies. I’m not holding a grudge. I think it’s better to be professional and offer to fight in the cage not at a comic con. If your a fan, still be a fan. Do not let this alter your opinion. For me, I enjoyed the heck out of my fans at La Mole Comic Con and that is what feeds my fire. I thought you should all hear it from me rather then seeing it online. By the way, Bloodsport is still a classic film haha 

Idea, how about you NOT fight and just act like grownups?

Jason Frank, Jean-Claude Van Damme
via TheBlast.com



  1. Looks like jdf put on some weight since his cage fighting days. I know when he was fighting at 240 lbs he was pretty dam scary looking.

  2. Heidi I believe you are just seeing what you want to see here. I didn’t think JDF’s post played it up in the slightest. He said it happened, linked the article, and how he felt. That is a completely baseless statement, and what’s even better is right after you accuse him of playing it up, you paste his actual post, which doesn’t even say the word “fight” or discuss the altercation in any detail whatsoever.
    As for your last condescending note, it’s very easy to judge those who must fight when you’ve never had to. If someone is talking about fighting me for over a decade and then tries to corner me into a fight, you can bet your one-sided article I’m going to handle it. When you know a fight is imminent it is prudent to get the first shot.
    I guess if you must put your own feelings into a “news” post you might as well make it obvious, but a lot of people would prefer non-partisan reporting.

    *To note I am a fan of both, and they acted childishly. However, it is an unfair and biased statement to say JDF “played up” a fight, and your last sentence was just ridiculously inappropriate. How about not commenting on things you don’t understand?

  3. I apologize as it does say the word “fight”. It is still not played up or hardly talked about other than the phrase of in a ring and not at a con (which I believe is a sentiment you could agree with.)

  4. JCVD has no business trying to stir things up with JDF. The man is in his prime and JCVD looks like a hes regretting the whole thing when JDF calls his bluff. Good thing JCVD had all those body guards with him, the guy needed them.

    Now lets see if JCVD releases that footage to prove he wasn’t the instigator.

  5. What a couple of assholes.

    If you’re gonna act like that, go back to your sports bars and “gentlemen’s clubs” and get the fuck out of comic shows, you’re stinking up the place, you embarrassing swinging dicks.

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