ultimates-25It seems like a good day for announcements about leaving DC titles.  First news breaks that Andy Diggle has left Action Comics.   There are now two reports that Joshua Fialkov has left Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns.

Bleeding Cool cites “repeated editorial changes to already-approved directions” and Comic Book Resources cites “creative differences.”  Sounds like independent confirmation.

DC has not replied to a query about this, but they may want replacement writers lined up before making a formal announcement.

It’s a little hard to say how far ahead Fialkov was on the scripts, but this makes 3 titles where the writer has left before the first issue hit the stands.  This is also not to say Fialkov is hurting for work.  He’s been writing the Alpha mini-series for Marvel and will be writing The Ultimates for Marvel’s Ultimate line starting with #25 in June.

That’s all anybody knows at the moment, but it sure does make you wonder if he’s crossing the street to Marvel.  It also creates a new context for a two week old tweet:


Although he did have “TWO books” at DC, so maybe it’s related and maybe it’s not.  Either way, it’s interesting.



  1. My sincere respect for Josh Hale Fialkov’s decision, and frankly whomever wanted to kill DC’s longest running African-American hero should be ashamed of themselves. It’s just plain ignorant and stupid. Go kill like 90 worthless Whitey-white heroes instead…they have no place in the new DC.

    John Stewart?
    Give him his own title INSTEAD of Larfleeze.

    And if you need writers to actually WRITE, try these guys out for these books. (Or hire me to consult…seems you might need that these days.)

    Paul Cornell (Wolverine) for Green Lantern Corps
    Greg Pak (Hulk) for Green Lantern Corps
    Judd Winick for Red Lanterns
    Simon Roy (Prophet) for Red Lanterns

    Yeah, solved. and APOLOGIZE to Josh.
    That would be a great place to start…

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