Art by Julia Brimle   For more on the making of this image, translate this page!

The German comics scene is an interesting amalgamation of American and Franco-Belgian comics, spiced with the German tradition of satirical cartooning, and supported and encouraged by comics shops nationwide! (As well as by bookstores and smaller magazine shops in train stations.)

The first Gratis Comic Tag was held in 2010, and this year, 18 publishers offered 35 titles.

German comics fandom is interesting. The first big group are those who grew up reading Micky Maus Magazin, the now-biweekly comic book which includes 52 pages for about $4.75. (40 pages of comics.) Ironically, thanks to Carl Barks, Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck are the stars of the comics, and Donaldists can be just as passionate as American comics fans!

Then there are the many fans who studied English in school, and speak and read it fluently. Like American Otaku in the 1990s who learned Japanese to read titles and watch anime not yet available in English, there are German comics fans who will read imported American comics for sale in German comics shops instead of waiting six months for a translation. (I suspect some are even geo-hacking comiXology to read them digitally.)

Of course, manga is as popular in Europe as it is in the US. While Tokyopop was dormant in the U.S. for a decade, their German office was publishing imports as well as local talent (some of which is being imported to the U.S.)! Tokyopop does not have a title this year, but has in the past.

On the casual side of comics reading are the usual suspects: legacy characters from France and Belgium, comic strips and cartoons from both the U.S. and Germany, and now, the occasional graphic novel. There was no stigma attached to comics readership in Germany like there was in the United States, and it’s not unusual that a copy of Micky Maus will be read by three or four different people in a household, of various ages.

A lot of the comics featured this year are imports from the U.S. Some are domestic, and others “continental comics” from France and Belgium.  My comments in the brackets note which titles can be read in English. Of course, Amazon and other sites will offer access to the German editions, if you can read German.

If you’d like to know more about German comics, the Goethe Institut has a great website. (And if you live near one of their locations in the U.S., a library as well!) If you are a world traveller, the Erlangen Comic Salon occurs at the end of May. It’s the German version of Angoulême, just not as crazy. The two weeks before is the annual “Oktoberfest”, known as “Bergkirchweih“. What a great idea: holding Bier-Con before the actual show!

Heilige Superhelden! GCT has a YouTube Channel, and they spotlight each comic! (Auf Deutsch, of course, so you’ll have to dust off your high school German to understand what they’re saying!)

NOTE: All copied text below is via Google Translate, with some refinement from me. My comments follow in brackets , or as the German call them, “eckige Klammern”!

The titles and publishers are in the original German. Links to the publishers’ sites can be accessed by clicking on the name.

Google Translate ist dein Freund.

All Verlag

All Verlag, located near Cologne, has been publishing a selected program of Franco-Belgian comic books since 2011. A focus has been on aviation and war topics. Starting in 2016, this orientation will change a bit more towards science fiction and thriller.
In 2013, the publisher launched a second program with US comics. The expansion of this area will continue in 2016 as well.

Highlights in the program for 2016 are the new edition of the post-apocalypse classic The Survivor of Paul Gillon and the complete edition of the thriller Gil St Andre in three volumes.


Welcome to hell, Shelton!

Vietnam veteran Wayne Shelton was never interested in living a normal middle-class life. As a man of delicate missions, he brings his tactical skills profitably in the service of financially potent clients. The eccentric billionaire Horace T. Quale offers Shelton a sizeable sum to help a French truck driver, who sits in a fictitious former Soviet republic of Kalaksistan in a high-security prison, escape. There are enormous financial interests in the background, as the imprisonment of the truck driver is accompanied by a trade embargo. Shelton accepts the order and rallies a team of proven employees. However, the mission should be much more dangerous than planned …

The Belgian successful author Jean van Hamme and his compatriot Christian Denayer have created a masterpiece of modern adventure comedy with Wayne Shelton.

[Jean van Hamme is one of the great creators, writing Blake and Mortimer, Thorgal, XIII, and Largo Winch. Much of his work, including the first five Wayne Shelton volumes, are available in English from Cinebook.]

Austrian Superheroes

Austrian Superheroes and League of German Heroes are two superhero comic series produced in Austria and Germany. Why should there be super heroes only in the USA? Just. Superheroes need history, legends, and cool settings, and there’s more than enough of all that in Europe.
That’s why we’ve ventured the adventure of creating two superhero series.
The Austrian Superheroes are already in the third year, (and are extremely successful :) ten issues and two trade paperbacks have already appeared. The League of German Heroes, on the other hand, is brand new: The first issue was published in September 2017; For the time being, a total of three issues are planned.
The main characters at Austrian Superheroes are Thomas Aigelsreiter and Andreas Paar, author is Harald Havas. The creative team around has already grown to over 15 people.
So far, Martin Frei, Gerhard Schlegel and Stefan Dinter have been in the league of German heroes; Oliver Naatz and Jan Dinter contribute the stories. The two number one Variant covers are from Mahmud Asrar and Ralf König.

Both series will be published by Contentkaufmann in Vienna. Content merchant. Contentkaufmann produces since 2014 in addition to comics books and art books.


The comic series “ASH – Austrian Superheroes” was funded by crowdfunding in 2015 and launched in 2016. Since 2017, the issues regularly appear every two months and have already found many fans in Austria, Germany, but also other countries. Two trade paperbacks have already been published in cooperation with the German publisher Cross Cult. The goal is to create a European mainstream superhero universe: the current storyline in the main story of the booklets will be supplemented by numerous subsidiary stories, which will be added piecemeal about the characters, but also the background of the European superheroes of the last 70 years and especially the Cold War betrayed.

Since autumn 2017, the title has been supplemented by a second series called “LDH – League of German Heroes”, which extends the bandwidth of the superhero cosmos with numerous new (German) heroes and background stories.

Behind the magazine series are a whole range of artists and authors, Austrian at ASH, German at LDH. Altogether more than 20 draftsmen have worked on the project so far. The team tries to offer the same look and feel from the stories and the artwork as well as the high-quality print as the big American role models. And the same fun!

By Thomas Aigelsreiter, Jan Dinter, Stefan Dinter, Martin Frei, Harald Havas, Oliver Naatz, Andi Paar and others

After overcoming the eerie basilisk , the team of the Neue Wiener Wächter, consisting of Captain Austria Junior , Donauweibchen , Lady Heumarkt and the bureaucrat, is facing a new danger. An accident turns one’s own team into an unexpected and formidable threat!

The main story is a reprint of the book ASH # 5, supplemented by two more short stories. In one, Lady Heumarkt spends a fun-filled stroll with her boyfriend Gamsbart in Munich. In the other (reprint of the zero number of the “League German heroes”) we experience the  CaptainChimera, Lorelei, Gamsbart and the Jeck in an emergency operation on the Romans in Frankfurt.

[What’s interesting about German comics fandom is that, due to many speakers/readers of English, American comics are as influential, if not more than, Franco-Belgian comics. Thus, it’s not strange to consider “Justice League Austria” or “Avengers Germany”.]


Even the logo of Bröseline Verlag reveals that it has to do with Oginool Schleswig-Holstein work of quality. Under the influence of Peace, Love and Bölkstoff, the legendary Werner comics are emerging in the far north.
For the draftsman Rötger “Brösel” Feldmann and his team are better than war, hate, pollution and all the nonsense.
And the country is still booming: “It will be Werner again!”


Werner is back!

And shows the fracking lobby, Donald and other screwballs where the Wuäss [?] grows!
The essence of old and new shows that Werner is still to be expected!
A colorful comic mix, stories beyond why?
Good entertainment!

[Rötger Feldmann is one of the godfathers of German comics! Werner is a comics success in Germany, licensed and merchandised like a great American comic character. It’s anchored in the culture of northern Germany, so much is lost in translation.]

Carlsen Comics

With the series “Tim and Struppi” by the Belgian draftsman Hergé, Carlsen Verlag launched their comic program in 1967. Classics such as “Spirou and Fantasio” and “Gaston” were added and shaped the German-speaking comic landscape. In the 1980s, Carlsen Comics greatly expanded the segment of author comics and francobelgian comics with the Edition ComicArt. Carlsen set another milestone in 1997 with the release of the series “Dragon Ball”, which started the ongoing boom of the Japanese manga. In 2006, a separate cartoon and humor segment was launched at Carlsen, where in addition to cartoon series such as “Nichtlustig”, humorous storybooks are published. Since 2007, Carlsen has set a further programmatic focus with the introduction of the “Graphic Novel” label. Today’s Carlsen Comics program stands for classic funny series such as “Tim and Struppi”, “Spirou and Fantasio” and “Gaston”, strip classics like the “Peanuts” and “Calvin & Hobbes”, graphic novels by authors like Will Eisner, Jason Lutes, Reinhard Kleist and Jiro Taniguchi as well as for in-house productions by draftsmen like Isabel Kreitz, Flix and Christian Moser.


To the teeth armed with blobs, Schwappern, brushes or even better even as a squid color must be distributed, lots of color, extremely much color! Because the team that paints the largest area in Inkopolis, works well together, constantly improves its abilities and can not be stopped by the opposing ink, is the winner!
The blue Dussel team around the Inkling Goggle mixes up the CoroCoro tournament! What can this team, which stands next to the cap, oppose the competitors?

Exemplary for the manga series are the great Nintendo games on Wii-U and Switch – a great fun for kids and all gamer!


“THE PEANUTS” belong to the very big, timeless comics, which shows that they have been loved by children and adults for decades. That’s why Carlsen publishes books for a wide variety of audiences, such as the 26-volume, bibliophile-equipped complete edition for adults, the “Peanuts Sunday Pages” for the whole family and the “Peanuts for Kids” series for the youngest readers. This free comic contains colorful comic strips, drawing instructions and puzzles from it.


As the Titans attack Manhattan, the Marvel heroes face the giant from another dimension. The ultimate crossover between Attack on Titan and Avengers.

Content: Attack on Titan Anthology; Attack on Avengers; Avengers K; Marvel Legacy


The battle angel is back! BATTLE ANGEL ALITA as a new edition in four anthologies in large format, freshly digitized and provided with new color pages – in time for the theatrical release of James Cameron produced Hollywood live action film adaptation.

At the junkyard below the heavenly city of Zalem, the mechanic Ido finds the head of a female cyborg whose brain is still intact. In his workshop, he builds a charming mechanical body for the creature and gives it the name Alita …

The most beautiful ALITA ever! Science Fiction and Cyberpunk at its best!

[Carlsen is the primary German comics publisher, publishing both licensed and imported comics, as well as original German graphic novels.]


Chinabooks, founded in 2005, is a publisher from the Zurich region, whose goal is to introduce Chinese-language comic and picture-book artists to German-speaking audiences. Our artists and authors are from Taiwan and China, both are very rich comic nations.
Chinabooks has managed to secure the German-language rights of some of Manhua’s (Chinese-language comics) pearls, including:
The semi-autobiographical graphic novel series : The semi-autobiographical graphic novel series The Free Bird flies by Jidi (text) and Ageng ( Pictures)
The picture book aimed at adults and adolescents The Starry Night by Jimmy Liao
The Historical Trilogy Heroes of the Eastern Zhou Period by Chen Uen
The comic autobiography My 80s – A Youth in Taiwan by Sean Chuang
The autobiographical, adult-oriented picture book For a year student number 34 in class A by Enzo
(2018-2019 will be published:)
Three more titles by Jimmy Liao: The blue stone, The Cinema of Life, The Sound of Colors
The Historical Biography The First Emperor of Chen Uen
A Politsatire of Lao Pei


Lin Xiaolu is a middle school student and attends a middle school with a focus on art and design. As a divorce child, she lives with her mother in the western Chinese city of Chengdu. The story takes place in China in the 90s.

Lin Xiaolu is initially a loner, but then finds but close friends.

In “The Free Bird Flies,” Jidi also talks about her alter ego Lin Xiaolu from her own youth. Realistically, one learns of the emotional needs and concerns of Chinese adolescents. Many of Jidi’s portrayals of her youth in China in the 1990s are universal and are likely to arouse memories of her own youth even among Western readers: first experiences with the opposite sex, first love, first lovesickness, adolescent alienation from adults, the speechlessness between adolescents and their parents. It also tackles difficult issues such as the enormous school pressure and examination stress.

The series has won major comic / graphic novel awards in China, Japan and Korea (including Japan International Manga Award, ICC Comic Award from South Korea and China Animation & Comic Competition Golden Dragon Award).

Author: Jidi
Zeichner: Ageng

[This is a new publisher to me, but an interesting idea. Yes, China (and Taiwan) produce many comics, and with the popularity of manga in Europe, this seems like a logical step. Teens are already reading manga, and it’s not difficult to sell to younger and older readers as well.]

Comics Etc. + Ewald Verlag

The publishing house Comics-etc. from Hamburg was created in 2008 from an agency for illustrators and publishes the classic comics of his illustrators in small but fine editions. Currently, classical works such as Sigurd by Hansrudi Wäscher are completely remastered and reissued, ie revised in terms of language and content in the form of bibliophilic book editions. Further information at

The Ingraban-Ewald-Verlag from Lübeck also exists since 2008 and specializes in the classic comic series of Hansrudi Wäscher like, Sigurd, Falk and Nick, the space driver of new draftsmen with new adventures in the original nostalgic form of Piccolo and Continue large volume booklets.
Further information at


These are two short stories by the chivalrous hero Sigurd . In the adventure “In the Valley of the Shadows”, drawn by Hansrudi Wäscher, Sigurd takes on a gang that spreads fear and terror in the manner of the legendary werewolves. This is an excerpt from the 5th volume of the current book series “60 years Sigurd”, which will be published in 2018.

In the nostalgic flair, on the other hand, the second story is “Dangerous help”, drawn by Angel B. Mitkov. This is an excerpt from the currently created sequel to the aborted 1968 adventure, of which already 15 large volume books have appeared quite in the look of the old Walter Lehning publishing house, with strict attention was paid to the fact that scribble distinctive style of writing and narrative was maintained.

[Classic German comics!]

Cross Cult

Under the label name Cross Cult, the graphics studio Amigo Grafik, based in Ludwigsburg, has been publishing comics since 2001 as carefully edited hardcover editions. Among the best known titles are SIN CITY, THE WALKING DEAD, HELLBOY, AVATAR, PEANUTS and other successfully filmed fabrics. Thematically, Cross Cult stands for a program in the genres of horror, fantasy, crime and science fiction and, with its comic book releases, acts as an interface between successful TV or cinema series for many titles.

In addition to Frank Miller and Mike Mignola other world-famous comic artists such as Moebius, Alan Moore, Robert Kirkman or Tim Seeley are represented with their works at Cross Cult. Under the label “Made in Germany”, the publisher now increasingly offers German artists a platform. Successful national series like STEAM NOIR, GUNG HO or THE UPGRADE have found their home here.
Meanwhile, more and more kids and humor comics can be found under the children’s label CroCu. Including the internationally popular Nickelodeon series AVATAR – THE LORD OF ELEMENTS, the iconic comic adventures of the most successful mini-game of all time ANGRY BIRDS or the modernized redesign of the timeless PEANUTS series by Charlie Brown, Snoopy & Co. 

Since the beginning of 2008, novels have also been included in the publishing program. In particular, the titles to the science fiction cult saga STAR TREK enjoy great popularity. In addition, with Pierre Boulles PLANET THE MONKEY original novel, another franchise, almost as long-lasting, enters the world of sci-fi novels. In the genre of fabulous novels, Cross Cult positions itself with titles by successful authors such as Tad Williams or Stephen Baxter. Other books on popular cult series such as JAMES BOND or DOCTOR WHO as well as successful US thriller titles such as CASTLE and GRIMM complete the novel program of Cross Cult.


The new comic hit by successful author Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead). For the free comic-tag Cross Cult presents the first chapter of the action-packed journey through space and time – nasty aliens included. 

Years ago, Philadelphia suddenly saw a different, mysterious dimension that covered almost half of the city with a new ecosystem. Nearly 20,000 people lost their lives. After the disaster, scientists find out that the alien world had not just appeared in Philadelphia, but had swapped the square with part of the city. A new technology now makes possible the journey between Earth and the dimension called Oblivion. Rescue teams are sent to rescue and rescue the survivors of real Philadelphia in Oblivion.


Tsutomu Nihei’s new masterpiece (Blame !, Knights of Sidonia) combines the best of the world of action-packed Shône manga (Dragonball Z, Naruto, One Piece) with sophisticated science fiction! The free comic tag edition includes the first chapter of the exciting adventure saga.

500 years ago, the humans of the artificial planet Aposimz lost the war against the core of the planet and thus also the right to live inside of Aposimz. Since then, they have been struggling to survive on the ice-cold surface of the planet. They hide in the ruins of a bygone era to escape the repression of the core’s aggressive cyborgs (or puppets) … while turning one mysterious disease into puppets one by one.


No less than three crazy short stories take comic-mad children of all ages into the fantastic world of the Breit riders – known from TV and cinema. The fun adventures are just the right ones that can not get enough of Hicks and his friends Astrid, Rotzbakke, Raffnuss and Taffnuss.

In the first story, Rotzbakke finds out that babysitting is not so easy as taking care of a bunch of young dragons. But that’s nothing against the problems in which Hicks girlfriend Astrid is in the second story. A sprained wing of her dragon storm arrow forces her to land on a deserted island. We do not want to reveal what happens in the third story. It has not been released yet and will be published exclusively in our free comic tag issue.

[APOSIMZ is due in October from Vertical. Berk was published by Titan Comics.]

dani books

dani books is a young comic book publisher whose goal it is to publish entertaining titles for all ages – and at the lowest possible price. But quality still comes first.

In addition to the free comic tag titles Courtney Crumrin and The Nektons – Adventurers of the Deep 2018, the release of the comic adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s novel series Artemis Fowl is set to begin in 2019. It will also be released in cinemas in 2019. We’re also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Orange Lasagne Tournament [orangefarbenen Lasagnegourmets = orange-colored Lasagna-gourmet] with new adventures from Garfield.


Courtney was always happy with her life. She had a lot of friends in her neighborhood and she was enjoying the school because both the teachers and the class were great! But that is over now. Her parents have dragged her to some noble suburb where they want to live with her in the old haunted house of the creepy great-uncle Aloysius. And while the rest of the family settles easily with his new social status, Courtney now has to deal with cocky classmates and the strange dodgy visitors who often visit her uncle. Instead of neighborhood kids, ghoulish ghosts and greedy ghosts are their only friends. Hmm … maybe that will not be so bad …

“Courtney Crumrin – Volume 1: The Beings of the Night” is the prelude to the popular comic series by Ted Naifeh, which will be published as a full-color complete edition by dani books from May 2018.

Author & Draftsman: Ted Naifeh
Colors: Warren Wucinich


Travel deep into the depths with the daring marine researcher family Nekton aboard their high-tech submarine “Arronax”!

As reports of strange monster sightings emerge after an earthquake off the coast of Greenland, William and Kaiko Nekton team up with their children Fontaine and Ant (and of course Ants pet, the fish Jeffrey) to get to the bottom of the puzzle , Will you find what you are looking for? Will they be able to teach a fish to pick up a stick? Are they eaten by mistake? Find out in “The Nektons – Adventurers of the Deep”!

The comic book for the popular Super RTL animated series is published exclusively in German by dani books. A thrilling all-around adventure from New York Times best-selling author Tom Taylor (“Injustice: Gods Among Us,” “All-New Wolverine,” “Star Wars Adventures”) and draftsman James Brouwer (“Justice League Beyond”) ,

Author: Tom Tayler
Artist: James Brouwer

Dantes Verlag

The 1-man publishing house from Mannheim published starting from January 2017 Comic classic (for the time being) in black and white. Among the first projects are the “refill volumes” for the samurai rabbit “Usagi Yojimbo”, whose stories in Germany have only made it bit by bit into printed form. This is followed by the “Sláine” series, which appears in German for the first time from the beginning and in chronological order. More series are already in planning.


The saga of Usagi Yojimbo [literally: “Bodyguard Bunny”] unfolds in a partly fictional Japan at the end of the 16th and at the beginning of the 17th century. The historic Battle of Sekigahara, the model of the Battle of Adachigahara, in which Stan Sakai’s long-warriors, as we learn in the very first Usagi episode, was defeated on 21 October 1600. She ended the period of civil wars and established the Shogunatsherrschaft.

The Samurai are the ruling class throughout the country. They follow a strict but unwritten code of conduct, the bushido [“way of the warrior”], and have yet to find their place in the new order. It is a time of restless activity and political intrigue.

An abandoned samurai wanders through this world. His name: Miyamoto Usagi ….

In “A Wither Field,” Usagi meets Nakamura Koji, an aged , accomplished swordsman, who, like himself, rifles through the land. Unlike Usagi, Koji has one goal: to find and challenge the one who long ago brought him his only defeat in a duel. To do so, he first has to fend off the attacks of the Surudoi Sword Fighter students lying in wait for him, while the always helpful Usagi likes to help him out.

“A Wilted Field” is published this summer in “Usagi Yojimbo 11 – Jahreszeiten” by Dantes Verlag.

Author and Draftsman: Stan Sakai 
Cover: Stan Sakai

Egmont Comic Collection / Egmont Manga

With a backlist of more than 800 titles and around 80 new releases a year, the Egmont Comic Collection is today the leading provider of comics and graphic narratives in German-speaking countries. For a quarter of a century, the publisher’s portfolio has offered a wide range of national and international comic art. For example, the Egmont Comic Collection publishes not only popular classics of Franco-Belgian comic literature such as Asterix, Lucky Luke and Blueberry, but also comic highlights in the form of high-quality overall editions. Another pillar of the portfolio is the Disney universe around Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck & Co, which is in numerous series and is regularly expanded by new high-quality editions.

– – – – –

Egmont Manga has a backlist of almost 1500 titles and more than 220 new releases a year, offering a diverse program for all manga fans.

The history of the publishing house begins already in the year 1994: Under the label Feest Comics published the Egmont Ehapa publishing house the first Japanese Comics in Germany. At that time still mirrored and in the US comic book format looked manga series like Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed or Ranma ½ the light of the German world. But the decisive breakthrough came from a blond, lively girl named Usagi Tsukino alias Sailor Moon! For the first time in the traditionally Japanese Tankobon format, the Sailor Moon paperbacks sold more than 2 million copies. In 2000, Egmont Manga (then Egmont Manga and Anime) was founded, and after the venture was made to publish the manga in Japanese reading direction, the rapid rise was unstoppable.
Series such as Detective Conan or Inu Yasha have become successful supporters of the Mangas by Egmont Manga and many more have been added to the portfolio, such as Card Captor Sakura, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, AJIN or Corpse Party.
Egmont Manga – My colorful manga world is the slogan and publisher in the center of the German manga community!


 Our lonely cowboy comes to Fort Weakling. The once lively town is deserted and is being terrorized by Billy the Kid. Together with Josh Belly, Lucky Luke devises a plan that finally manages to convince Billy the Kid to turn the shy inhabitants into hard-working citizens.


A birthday is soon in the house Arbuckle and although an animal. In 1978, the fat, lazy, philosophical cat with the characteristically tabby coat and even more characteristic appetite saw the light of day. We celebrate this with a best-of 40 years of Garfield comic strips.


Everyone loves Mickey Mouse! He is THE comic icon par excellence: the round black ears are instantly recognizable. On November 18, 2018, he celebrates his 90th birthday! For this occasion, we have selected some of the best mouse comics.


In the middle of the tundra … The last survivor of a village is near death. But then he gets company: An immortal being has landed in the world. A fantastic story full of grief and pain, friendship and love begins …
To Your Eternity is the new work of the A Silent Voice draftsman. The artist has once again created a profound and intoxicating story that is second to none.

[Egmont, formerly Ehapa, is one of the largest magazines publishers in Germany (and in Europe). In addition to Micky Maus Magazin (which once sold a million copies each week), Egmont also publishes licensed comics and magazines. Their Comic Collection catalog offers both regular and deluxe editions of classic comics (Tintin, Lucky Luke, Uncle Scrooge, Blueberry, Bilal).

To Your Eternity is published in English by Kodansha.]

KAZÉ Manga

KAZÉ is the youngest manga label in the German book trade and has its premiere at the Leipzig Book Fair 2012. But KAZÉ has ​​long been at home in the world of Japanese drawing and narrative art.

Many manga heroes also experience their adventures in films and TV series. At KAZÉ, many of these animated offshoots have been released on DVD and Blu-ray. The films for Dragonball, One Piece and Detective Conan are just a few of the titles that make KAZÉ the leading label for anime DVDs in Europe.

KAZÉ is part of the international VIZ Media Group, which is active on almost all continents. VIZ has offices and editorial offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Paris and Lausanne, and is also one of the largest manga publishers in the US.

Behind VIZ Media stands the ShoPro-Shogakukan-Shueisha Group. These major Japanese publishers are releasing pioneering magazines in Japan, such as Weekly Shonen Jump, the largest manga magazine in which Dragonball, Naruto, Bleach and One Piece have appeared. The group is the talent and think tank that has produced many of the world’s most successful manga and anime characters.

German manga fans can look forward to some great new series, which will be released by KAZÉ on various media as far as possible: as manga, as DVD or Blu-ray, as video on demand.


The afflicted Princess Peach is kidnapped by the evil Halunken Bowser. But the two super-plumbers Mario and Luigi, along with their new friend Yoshi, are already on their way to save the princess. But can they stop the koopa king in time before forcing the princess to marry and seize the mushroom kingdom?

It’s me, Mario!

He is the most famous plumber in the world, and his adventures are not limited to the pixels of the game consoles.

From January 1992 to January 1993, a series of comic strips was created exclusively for the official magazine Nintendo Power . These comics did not follow the storyline of a particular game, rather they told new adventures of the known heroes – and even introduced new characters.

The collection Super Mario Adventures bundles for the first time and completely in German all comics from the official Nintendo Power magazine . For the free comic tag, there are the first three chapters to try.


Since he can think, Sato has already had a crush on his neighbor Hime. But when he finally has the courage to confess his love, she opens to him that she will go away – forever. Damn ax! And that should have been it now? No way! Still, to win her heart, Sato decides to follow her and suddenly finds herself in an adventure that he would not have dreamed in his wildest fantasies. His beloved the princess of a magical kingdom and the last hope of her desperate people. In order to save her world, Hime must necessarily marry, because her wedding rings hold a powerful secret …


Two and a half years ago, KAZÉ Manga released the first series of the artist duo MAYBE in Germany: the mystery comedy Dusk Maiden of Amnesia . Now comes the next joke, and this time the artists mix their typical handwriting of comedy, fantasy and a hint of fan service with an epic heroic saga.


In the depths of the dungeon lurk dangerous monsters, big treasures – and cute girls! Just such a rescue the young adventurer Bell in the last second before a huge Minotaur. Bell is blown away. From now on he only has thoughts for the beautiful Aiz. But how is a linnet like him to attract the attention of such a talented Swordmistress?

Only one thing helps: Bell has to get stronger. So he continues to train diligently in the dungeon – making faster progress than he ever thought he would. Without his knowledge Bell has special abilities, and soon he gets more attention than he likes.

The anime and light novel hit now also as manga

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? based on the eponymous Light Novel series by Fujino Oomori, who landed a direct hit with his debut work. His fantasy world is built according to the rules of Japanese role-playing games, including status values ​​and special skills that are tattooed on the backs of the hero by their goddesses. The graphic implementation of the manga is contributed by Kunieda, who among other things was responsible for the concept illustrations for the Japanese game Fate / Grand Order . The anime adaptation of the Light Novel template has been published by Anime House under the title DanMachi in this country.

[This is VIZ’ German cousin.]


KOSMOS Verlag is one of the leading book, advice and game publishers. The wide-ranging program includes not only books and games, but also the familiar experiment boxes. The well-known children’s series “Die drei ???” also appears at the Stuttgart-based traditional publisher. The three cult detectives Justus, Peter and Bob have been inspiring young fans and longtime supporters for more than 50 years. With over 24 million books and around 50 million radio plays sold, “Die drei ???” are the most successful juvenile crime series in the German-speaking world.
In 2015, KOSMOS dared to break the taboo: in the graphic novel “Die drei ??? and the three-eyed skull “, the three cult detectives are shown for the first time in drawn form. After the success of this special book project follows now with “Die drei ??? The Village of the Devils “the second graphic novel, again illustrated by Christopher Tauber.


The three ??? Do not be surprised when they arrive in Redwood Falls in search of a missing friend of the chauffeur Morton. As if time had stopped … because the inhabitants of the remote village reject any form of progress. But this is not the only surprise for Justus, Peter and Bob. After a short time, the events turn over and the village of the devil shows his true face …

[This title is on the shortlist for the Max-und-Moritz Preis.]

Kult Comics


For the first time, Cult Comics featuring Cult Stories will be featured on the free comic book day and we are delighted to introduce you to three stories: “SCUM” drawn by Sascha Dörp, “Queens” by Holger Klein and “Roots” by Andreas Möller. All stories were written by Michael Mikolajczak.

In our free comic booklet you can expect exciting stories about strong women, madness, despair, revenge, family ties and murder.

[I don’t know anything about this publisher, but boy! does that cover look cool!]

Panini Comics

Most people still associate Panini with football stickers in the first place. Meanwhile, Panini is now one of the largest youth publishers in Europe with its own publishing houses in Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Poland and Turkey. In Germany, Panini divides into several business segments: Stickers, PreSchool magazines, Girls magazines, Boys magazines, Comics and novels.

Kiosk magazines such as Just Kick-it !, MAD, Star Wars, Turtles, Spider-Man or Pokemon are among the Boys titles. There are also science fiction and fantasy novels like Star Wars, World of Warcraft, HALO, Assassin’s Creed or Minecraft. And of course a lot of comics. Major Panini comic book products include Marvel superhero titles and DC Comics, SF / fantasy titles such as Buffy, Star Wars, Spawn, or Game of Thrones, and graphic novels such as the award-winning VERTIGO program, Daniela Schreiter’s Shadow Jumper. the Manara Edition or Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, as well as a fine selection of manga titles.

In the field of fun / humor, we publish top books like SpongeBob and the Simpsons, our permanent bestseller since 15 years, in addition to various cartoon books. Since 2008, Panini has been instrumental in supporting the Internet comics platform in order to promote the development of the ninth art in digital form. Further information about the publisher and publications as well as samples of the individual titles can be found on the Internet at .


With Batman Metal , star author Scott Snyder delivers an epic about the Dark Knight , which has no equal! He dives deep into the past of the Wayne family, into the origins of the DC cosmos – and presents to the fans the horrors of the black matter universe ! He is assisted by top artists such as Greg Capullo , Jim Lee , Andy Kubert and John Romita Jr.

Join Batman and heroes like Wonder Woman , Superman , Aquaman, and Flash in their fight for the fate of the world, meet the Rebirth Rebirth Hawkman , join Green Lantern in the Joker , and explore the darkest secrets of DC. universe!

The DC mega event that nobody should miss!


Deadpool, the big-mouth mercenary, hunts down Cable, the mutant of the future.

Content: The despicable Deadpool # 287; Deadpool # 900 (II, III)


“Anyone who knows an autistic person knows exactly one autistic person,” says Daniela Schreiter in the third volume of Schattenspringer. She sets out to interview other sufferers .As always, she combines this with her own experiences, and once again manages to enlighten about a seemingly taboo subject in a wonderfully entertaining way, without being distracted by stories of suffering or instructive.

Daniela Schreiter was born in wild Berlin in the 1980s and has always been exploring the world around her with pen and paper. At the age of four, she drew her first comic and has been working as an illustrator and comic artist since graduation.


In addition to an excerpt to the Junior Graphic Novel for the movie hit ROGUE ONE – A Star Wars Story, this exciting booklet contains two completed short stories, one of which is a droid story, which is only available in a German edition in this issue. A real comic highlight for young Star Wars fans.

[Panini is the primary German licensee of American Marvel and DC comics. A 52-, 56-, or 68-page comic contains two stories, and costs about $6. The publishing schedule is delayed, due to translation. The most recent issue of Spider-Man reprints Amazing Spider-Man 789 and 790. 

They also have a graphic novel section, which is quite varied. You can buy the Marvel Oz books, and/or Sex Criminals.

Daniela Schreiter’s work is available digitally via Amazon, as “The World beyond my Shadow”]


The publisher Reprodukt was founded in 1991. Were the authors of the first hour like Jaime Herdandez or Daniel Clowes all located in the North American independent scene, came with Andreas Michalke or Mawil quickly German, with Lewis Trondheim or Manu Larcenet also French draftsman added. Despite all differences in style and content, they have in common that their work transports autobiographical and social references, even where fiction arises.


Q-R-T looks like a normal boy, but is already 122 years old. He comes from the distant planet Rzzz, where you stay a child all your life. With his clumsy pet, Flummi, who can take on any shape, he moves to a prefabricated housing estate to study the behavior of the Earthlings. Fortunately, the curious neighbors consider him a child – albeit a strange one. Above all, the astute Lara does not give up and asks unpleasant questions. When she finally gets behind QR-Ts’s secret, she becomes a loyal companion and together they heat up the area and experience lots of adventures.Ferdinand Lutz’s affectionate-odd comics about the little alien QRT have been published monthly in the children’s magazine “Dein Spiegel” from 2011 to 2016.


Josephine Baker brought jazz and Charleston dancing to Europe and was committed to the rights of black people. Women’s rights activist Thérèse Clerc fights for the right to abortion and launches an autonomous housing project for destitute elderly women. And Nellie Bly, the journalist, is undercover in a lunatic asylum and contribute with their report to improve the conditions in American psychiatric hospitals. Outriders, lateral thinkers and each a heroine in her own way. Whether shaman, explorer or celebrated screen witch – these women have found their destiny.

Pénélope Bagieu portrays a total of 30 impressive personalities in the two volumes of “Intrepid”, including well-known names such as the art collector Peggy Guggenheim and personalities to be discovered such as the volcanologist Katia Krafft. They all lead and led a self-determined life and have changed the world. The booklet for the Free Comic Day shows a selection of exciting biographies from both volumes.

“With great humor, Pénélope Bagieu recalls fifteen obstinate women who defended themselves against chauvinism.”  – Paris Match

[Yeah, even the logo looks like it was swiped from Fantagraphics. A good catalog. The second title is known as “Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World“, published by First Second Books.]


Founded in 2006, Splitter Verlag is one of the most important publishers in the album segment in the German comic market. Since 2006, Splitter has published Franco-Belgian, European and American genre comics and graphic novels. Currently there are up to 16 novelties per month. In addition, the publisher was also awarded in 2010 in the form of the specially founded funny and cartoon imprint Toonfish, the publishing house of the Smurfs.

Typical for the Splitter Verlag are a high production cost at reasonable prices, so belong to the typical splitter equipment of the oversize albums and handy splitter books always the high quality thread stitching, the hardcover cover and mostly extras in the form of prints or numerous additional pages with background information, the emphasize the bibliophile nature of the publications.


Shadow has not had it easy in life. As soon as he has served his sentence and just wants to return to his beloved wife Laura, he learns that she had a fatal accident – and that will not be the last stroke of fate for Shadow. That’s why nothing prevents him from accepting the job offer of the jovial Mr. Wednesday and becoming his bodyguard. Shadow is left in the dark about Mr. Wednesday’s motives, and the people he visits on his travels across the United States are equally inscrutable. Drinking and boisterous Mad Sweeney, funeral duo Mr. Ibis, and Mr. Jaquel and the grim Chernibog are still the friendliest acquaintances – other encounters, such as those with a cocky guy calling himself the Tech Boy, are far more threatening.
“American Gods,” the urban fantasy bestseller by Neil Gaiman (“Coraline,” “The Sandman”), is also a hit on Amazon as a huge success – and the comic is in no way inferior!

Contains the complete first issue of the US edition


The golden age of superheroes is over. Abraham Slam and his companions were once the protectors of Spiral City, but after a fateful fight against their archenemy they find themselves in a godforsaken nest somewhere in nowhere. There, the heroes have to settle for home or away, because from the small town there is no escape, as they must experience painfully.
Jeff Lemire, the specialist in offbeat storytelling (“Descender”, “Essex County”), pays tribute to the great comic book superheroes, where the love of the genre shines on every page. And at the same time, the series is a swan song to the naivety of modern superheroes who gets along without the familiar stereotypes of morally torn anti-heroes and avengers. Dean Ormston’s drawings are both familiar and alien, reflecting perfectly the inner tension of Lemire’s vision.
Contains the complete first issue of the US edition


Ludmilla, a young student, almost succumbs when her line machine is struck by lightning and she then lands on the back of a kite in New York. But is this still New York? At first glance, there are quite a few things that are different: Not only is there no electricity or cars, but lots of fabulous animals. In the background of this bizarre parallel universe, the preshauns also hold the strings in their hands, seemingly cute, somewhat pedantic beings resembling squirrels, with a well-founded preference for tea.

In this world of mirrors called Ekhö, Ludmilla should be able to find his way from now on. Stupid only that she had clung to her seat neighbor Yuri in the plane, who now has to follow her at every turn. And even more stupid, that she is occasionally possessed by the restless spirits of the recently deceased, who only let go of her when their unexplained death is resolved. At the same time, however, her Yuri is sometimes of use. Where he is already there …

Contains the complete first album of the series

[Ekhö is available as a digital comic in English, via Delcourt. Previews are available on Amazon.]

Schreiber & Leser

The publishing house with offices in Hamburg and Munich has been providing well-made graphic literature for adult readers for more than 35 years: classic, avant-garde, new stars, outlandish outsiders. In addition to manga for the not so large mass there is exciting entertainment in the Franco-Belgian style. Since 2010, the thriller label “noir” has also enriched the publishing portfolio with dark crime and detective materials. Since 2013, independent icons from the likes of Dean Motter, Terry Moore and Stephan Franck have become indispensable in the program.

In there are interesting and interesting facts about our new releases and our service The whole book! allows browsing and reading entire comics on the net.


There are twelve Janitors, no more and no less, and they form the Vatican’s secret elite protection force. When the number three fails, another has to move up.

Thus, the young Father Vince, who has already proven himself as a bodyguard in special operations, the Janitor Trias.

But Vince, who is by no means averse to worldly pleasures, is plagued with doubts about his clerical vocation …

Contains the complete first volume of the series.


What would the world look like if Napoleon had won at Waterloo? Perhaps the Socialist Republic of Britannia would be a small, insignificant state, joined to the mighty Empire of France via the canal bridge.

In this parallel world the body of a British diplomat is found. Allegedly suicide. Detective Inspector LeBrock and his assistant Roderick Ratzi detect in the Grandville Paris, the city of lights …

Bryan Talbot, the reading public known among others by Sandman and Heart of Empire, pays tribute to such masters as JJ Grandville, Albert Robida, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Quentin Tarantino with this steampunk series.

Contains the first half of Volume 1.

[The Janitor is available via a digital English comic via Europe Comics, on Amazon, under the title “The Keeper”.]