Julia Hart‘s Fast Color was probably one of the lower-key superhero movies of the year, premiering at the SXSW Film Festival and then getting a minimal limited release in April, like a week before Avengers: Endgame came out. Obviously, it barely got much attention, although it had its fans, including many critics and female critics of color, who wished that there was more push behind the movie.

According to Deadline, the movie’s minimal theatrical shelf life is not the end of the story, as actor Viola Davis and Julian Tennon‘s JuVee Productions, who set-up a first look deal with Amazon Studios last year, are now developing Fast Color as a TV series.

The original movie starred Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ruth, a woman who returns home to learn that the powers she once had have returned. It starred the legendary Lorraine Toussaint as Ruth’s mother and Saniyya Sidney as her daughter Lila. It was co-written by Hart with producer Jordan Horowitz (La La Land).

The television series will follow a similar trajectory, focusing on the three generations of black women around Ruth who help her come to terms with the powers she has kept secret her whole life.

Hart and Horowitz are writing the pilot for the series with Hart once again directing, which is a fairly rare occurrence when a movie is adapted into a television series.

I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the movie — I even mentioned in my review that it had a solid premise even if its execution “left me wanting.” Maybe having more room to examine and expand upon the story via a series will help do Hart’s premise more justice.

My original opinion on Fast Color was clearly in the minority as it’s scored 81% on Rotten Tomatoes from 78 reviews, and maybe it could have done better with more support from distributor Lionsgate and Codeblack Films or a different release date.

You can watch the original movie trailer below and let us know if you happened to have seen the movie already. (It’s currently available on Amazon Prime.)


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