Fantagraphics is having a four-day 40% off sale featuring some amazing books by Gilbert Hernandez, Robert Williams, Jules Feiffer, Carol Tyler, and more. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the list, but here are a few of our own picks:


ABANDONED CARS by Tim Lane — hardboiled short stories where no good ever comes, shown with gloriously retro art.


ARTICHOKE TALES by Megan Kelso. An intimate story of war in a deceptively charming fantasy setting.


Daddy’s Girl by Debby Drechsler — quite simply one of the most horrific and powerful comics of all time.


Drinky Crow’s Maakies Treasury by Tony Millionaire — a giant collection of Millionaire’s Rabelaisian stories of the joys of alcohol and the sea? If you don’t want that on your shelf you need to be kicked out of comics.


Fuzz & Pluck: Splitsville [with FREE Signed Bookplate] by Ted Stearn — this is the cult cartoonists’ cult comic strip — dark-humored tales of a rooster and bear in the classic comedy duo vein.


I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason — look, we already told you this is one of our favorite comics of all times, and we won’t stop until everyone has a copy, okay?


NIGHTMARE ALLEY by Spain — a grim novel from the ’30s gets a powerful adaptation by Spain, a neglected comics master.


PIM & FRANCIE by Al Columbia — if you love comics — as I do — as a medium where unique creative visions are allowed to find expression with an acceptance few arenas can offer, then Al Columbia is the poster child for that. This unique, one of a kind book will have you rubbing your mind with bleach afterwards, but loving every minute.


The Chuckling Whatsit by Richard Sala. Scary, mystery, creepy. You cannot go wrong with Richard Sala!


You’ll Never Know by Carol Tyler — a beautiful, thoughtful exploration of World War II and what it meant to one man and his family.