The series premiere of FALLOUT has moved up yet again. All eight episodes will now be released tomorrow, along with a live global premiere of episode one that fans can follow online and view on Twitch for absolutely free. 

The new release window was shared via a video with actor Walton Goggins, who plays a Ghoul in the brand-new series. Goggins has been a popular casting choice among fans for his history of playing cowboy-like characters, such as Boyd Crowder in Justified. 

Early reviews for the series have been stellar and the show is immediately proving to be one of the hottest debuts of the year despite not having even come out yet. There are already talks about a second season for the series. Especially now that Fallout has been offered a 25 million dollar tax credit to relocate filming from New York State back to California, in a move meant to try and lure productions back in. 

Fallout the prime video series is based on the much-beloved video game series by Bethesda. The show is created by Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan and was created very closely with Bethesda itself in its production. In terms of continuity, this is not an adaption of any one game in particular, but rather, a brand new story that takes place in the same world canon as the videogame. This time set in Los Angeles. 

The game has been a popular staple in the gaming industry since its first release in 1997. Aesthetically, the world of Fallout blends post-apocalypse elements from popular movies such as Mad Max but with retro-futuristic 1950s-60s design and fashion senses, all meant to resemble the stigma of the Cold War scare. Fears of an era beset by a possible nuclear apocalypse. 

The original series of video games follow the adventures of a Vault Dweller survivor who survives a hypothetical nuclear apocalypse only to rise from the bunker to free-roam a nuclear wasteland rife with conflict. The game’s themes explore what it’s like to see people rebuilding society, what factions had evolved or survived, and how far humanity goes to keep their people alive. 

It’s got technology-worshipping zealots. It’s got Super mutants. It’s got greed and corporations and even, AI. This is the world of Fallout. Now available to stream, tomorrow.