Invader Comics has launched a Kickstarter for the second and final installment in its atmospheric horror duology, Animals, written by Keith Foster and drawn by Ed Condon (issue #1) and Nico Miérez (issue #2). In addition to backing the project for issue #2, readers can also get their hands on the debut issue and several bonus perks.

Animals follows wildlife agent Dan Simmons and Sherriff Jack Bertrand in the Pacific Northwest as they try to determine who or what caused a mutagenic virus to infect and reanimate local wildlife. The animal population has already turned on humans and things are escalating almost too fast for them to keep up.

“I really wanted to explore the dynamic between humanity and the animal kingdom, and what would happen if that delicate balance were upset,” said Foster. “At the same time, I wanted to tackle a grisly horror that could shock and entertain while addressing those deeper issues. Animals is the by-product of those explorations, filtered through the lens of Nico’s dark, noir-inspired art, and I’m excited to share the conclusion to this story we’ve been developing over the last year.”

“We’re all about developing a space where different creators can explore a variety of genres, and tell the stories that burn inside them,” said Invader Comics editor-in-chief, Michael Perkins. “Aside from being one of the key members of the Invader team, we’ve seen success with Keith’s work on Kodoja and Three Protectors—as well as the first issue of Animals, which sold out at distributor level on its release last year—so it’s an honor to present the conclusion of the saga as we raise the stakes and ramp up the horror.”

Check out an extended preview from Animals #2 below.

Animals #2 interior art Animals #2 interior art Animals #2 interior art Animals #2 interior art Animals #2 interior art Animals #2 interior art Animals #2 interior art Animals #2 interior art Animals #2 interior art Animals #2 cover art Animals #2 bw cover art

Kickstarter backers can grab digital or physical copies of Animals #1-2; a limited-run, exclusive black-and-white variant cover by Carlo Romero; Foster’s digital collected works, an Invader Comics horror bundle; and more.

The Animals #1-2 Kickstarter campaign is live now and runs until Monday, July 15 at 12 p.m. ET.