Valiant has unveiled the main cover for its forthcoming comic Fallen World #1, which is about Rai, the future cyborg samurai. The cover is quite nice, or as writer Dan Abnett (Aquaman, Titans) put it, “awesome. Look at it. I mean, just LOOK at it. Awesome!” Check it out.

The cover, which is the work of Jonboy Meyers (Teen Titans, Royals) features a re-designed and bearded Rai with a glinting samurai sword and a serious look that is all intimidation. It features the sharp linework that has long made Meyers’ covers standout in shops.

As for the comic itself, the story picks up in 4002 AD, which is a year after readers last saw Rai back during Valiant’s 2016 summer event, 4001 AD. According to Abnett, “in FALLEN WORLD, Rai has saved New Japan from the threat of tyrannical rule, but now he has to save the whole world! Though it was the right thing to do, bringing down Father – the powerful artificial intelligence that ruled New Japan – has had catastrophic consequences. Rai’s been a hero, though many people now hate him for what he did because the world no longer seems safe and secure. Can he step up and be the savior everyone needs?” Moreover, to add to the tension, we’ll see the peace-craving Rai come across violence-sowing Bloodshot.

For the curious, yes, this was the cover Valiant was recently teasing on social media. Fallen World #1 will be released on May 1, 2019. Abnett says that it’s the perfect jumping-on point for comics readers new to the Valiant Universe as it “sets up the future of the Valiant Universe moving forward. This is a whole new future world, with major storylines springing out of it, and it all starts here!” 

FALLEN WORLD #1 (of 5)
Written by Dan Abnett
Art by Adam Pollina
Cover A by Jonboy Meyers
Cover B by Koi Turnbull
Cover C by AJ Jothikumar
Glass Variant Cover by Doug Braithwaite
Pre-Order Edition Cover by David Mack
Format 32 pages, full color
Price $3.99
On sale May 1, 2019
Synopsis A cyborg samurai named Rai struggles to find his morality in the year 4002. Can he become the inspirational figure that humanity desperately needs, or will he resort to solving his problems with a sword? A nanite-filled supersoldier named Bloodshot is also on a mission to save the citizens of Earth. Will the brutal Bloodshot and the peaceful Rai work together for the greater good? All signs point to no. Oh, and did we mention there are also dinosaurs on the loose and powerful animal-human hybrid mutants? Good luck with that, Rai. Love smart sci-fi and engrossing world-building? Dan Abnett (Aquaman) and Adam Pollina’s (X-Force) FALLEN WORLD has you covered!