WINGS OF FIRE GRAPHIX #1 front cover

Mainstream prose authors are jumping into the graphic novel end of the pool with ever greater frequency, and Tui Sutherland is joining the crowd.  The NY Times bestselling author of the WINGS OF FIRE series is bringing it to the comics with an adaptation by Mike Holmes, who draws the Secret Coders series by Gene Luen Yang. Scholastic, which publishes the prose series, will publish the GNs.

Given it’s sweeping dragon cast, Wings of Fire would seem a natural for comics. Wings of Fire has 10 books in the series thus far and 3.5 million copies in print. It’s a  fantasy set in the world of Pyrrhia where five young dragons must attempt to bring together the warring dragon factions of the world. It’s a rousing fantasy that has drawn a passionate audience of readers of all genders – the messages board  devoted to the books as more than 5 million page views this year alone, and there’s plenty of fanfic, wikis and other reader participation going on.

In addition to the exclusive announcement and cover reveal of the series here, Sutherland has graciously supplied a statement on why turning Wings of Fire into a gn was a good idea – and what comics her kids read.

Tui T Sutherland (c) JeremyWestHi everyone!

My kids and I are obsessed with comics and graphic novels. We read them together every night—Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, El Deafo, Amulet, and Nimona are some of our favorites. I love how art can add unexpected layers to a story, and how perfect they are for kids like mine: wiggly bookworms who adore great stories, smart dialogue, and lots of visual details.

So when Scholastic asked whether I’d be interested in adapting my Wings of Fire series into graphic novels, I might have gotten a little bit enormously tremendously excited. To see my dragon characters and the world of Pyrrhia appear like this, in pages and pages of full-color art, is just so incredibly cool. There’s the littlest dragonet, Sunny, staring down their ominous visitor, giant Morrowseer! There’s Clay and Tsunami escaping their cave to fly in the open sky for the first time! There’s Queen Scarlet’s arena where dragon prisoners fight to the death! It feels as though all the pictures that have been fluttering around my head since I started writing the series are coming to life.

I can’t wait for the first Wings of Fire graphic novel adaptation, The Dragonet Prophecy, to be out in the world. I hope current readers will love seeing the dragons’ story in a new way, and I hope new readers discover this dragon universe and want to come play in it, too.

Happy flying!




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