Fans of the twisted tales of Stan Silas‘s Norman should start sharpening their knives in anticipation: the gleefully ghoulish child will continue his murderous romp with About Norman: The Early Slash in December from Titan Comics. The new series acts as a prequel to the Norman saga. Described by fans as a cross between Dexter and South Park, Norman centers on the macabre mischief caused by the titular eight-year-old. With a zombie for an uncle and a suspicious set of classmates, Norman may have to take matters into his own bloody little hands. From Titan:

Norman has killed again, but this time his classmates will stop at nothing to find the psychopath among them! Are this bloodthirsty kid’s killing days numbered? Or maybe he should just bump them all off one by one…
Norman: The First Slash continues the ongoing adventures of the kid killer and unveils even more of his dark secrets.
The series is newly released for the US singles format.
What can fans expect from this origin story? The press officer at Titan also offered these extra details:
Though the first couple of issues were [previously] collected, there will be new design elements, as well as brand new, gorgeous covers by top-tier industry talent like Marc Ellerby, Rachel Smith and Sonia Leong. From there – we will be charting into new territory with brand new story arcs.
Norman’s love of re-enacting scenes from his favorite horror films using his contemporaries as unwitting victims was popular among critics and comic readers alike–i09 singled it out as one of the great comics of 2015. Norman: The First Slash hits stores December 7th. Check out the Ellerby cover below.
NORMAN #2.1_MarcEllerby