What’s more fun than awards season?! So many superstars in one room, celebrating a year of accomplishment and splendor. Whether the nominees specialize in movies or villainy, they can all agree that sitting in a room for seven hours straight is truly the biggest crime of all. Hence, Harley Quinn’s Villain of the Year awards!

On this special evening, Harley Quinn hosts the biggest night in villainy as all the doers of evil in the DC Comics universe gather in one place to celebrate their achievements. Some of them are buzzing with excitement while others couldn’t care less. But it wouldn’t be a night of evil if one of the attendees didn’t have some dastardly plot to spoil the proceedings. Who will take the crown– and will they live to wear it?! You decided, and this Wednesday, the answer will be revealed when Harley Quinn’s Villain of the Year hits store shelves! Check out an exclusive preview of the comic after the jump.

Writer: Mark Russell
Artist: Mike Norton
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Dave Sharpe

Harley Quinn hosts “Villainy’s Biggest Night” as the DCU’s most dastardly gather at the Hall of Doom to do what they do best-congratulate themselves! But one villain has a secret plan, fueled by years of being overlooked by his peers, and the burning desire to receive the praise he so rightly deserves… Don’t miss out on a one-of-a-kind comic book experience, with the winners decided by you, the fans! Who will be crowned DC’s Villain of the Year? Go to dcvillainoftheyear.com for more information!

Harley Quinn's Villain of the Year Cover Harley Quinn's Villain of the Year Interior Harley Quinn's Villain of the Year Interior Harley Quinn's Villain of the Year Interior