The Daughter of Drakulon has 50 years of storytelling under her very tiny red monokini, but despite her age there is still plenty of story to tell. Beginning tomorrow, the character gets a new start, thanks to writer Christopher Priest (Black Panther, Deathstroke, Quantum & Woody, Justice League), artist Ergün Gündüz (Tales of the Great War, Taxi Tales) and Dynamite Comics with Vampirella #1.

The new series finds Vampi dealing with the aftereffects of her surviving a plane crash. Her loneliness after the devastation is augmented, making her feel even more like an outsider on this planet. She seeks the help of a therapist, who is adamant about the supernatural being a figment of her imagination, but promises her that he can help her overcome her PTSD from the incident. Our girl is also pretty sure some unsavory characters are after her, especially after receiving an ominous message before the plane crashes, which is putting her even more on edge.

Vampirella first debuted this week 50 years ago, and the launch of this series coincides with her introduction as well as other milestones such as Dynamite’s 15th anniversary and the first year of San Diego Comic Con. The new ongoing title already broke records ahead of the first issue’s release, selling more than 130,000 units and making history for the publisher.

In addition to Frank Cho’s cover, fans can look for covers by top artists such as Alex Ross, Joe Jusko, and Guillem March. The issue boasts a whopping 84 different covers from some of the top talent working today, including retailer exclusives and variants as well as cosplay versions from some of the best models for the character. To pick your favorite one, head to Dynamite’s website.

Check out an exclusive preview of some pages below. Vampirella #1 goes on sale July 17.

Vampirella #1 Vampirella #1 Vampirella #1 Vampirella #1 Vampirella #1



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