Vampi’s 50th anniversary celebration is one of the biggest events this summer. Not only has Dynamite Comics started a new ongoing series and relaunched Vengeance of Vampirella, they have also been churning out a load of collectibles such as statues, busts, and coins. Now fans can add one more critical piece to their collection, Vampirella #1 1969, which reprints every story and advertisement exactly as it was in The Daughter of Drakulon’s debut.

The special reprinting features a diverse collection of master creators such as Neal Adams (Batman, Green Lantern), Reed Crandall (Blackhawk, EC Comics), longtime Jack Kirby inker Mike Royer, Tom Sutton, Ernie Colon, and Tony Tallarico. The issue also displays an unforgettable cover by Frank Frazetta. The 66-page issue is written by Forrest J. Ackerman, Don Glut, and Nicola Cuti.

To coincide with her official anniversary date of July 17, 1969, Dynamite made sure that both her new ongoing series by Christopher Priest and this special replica edition would also release on the same day. The big Vampi issues also coincide with San Diego Comic Con’s anniversary and the current show dates beginning this week.

Before heading out to get your copy of Vampirella #1 1969, take a look at a few exclusive preview pages. The issue can also be purchased online on Dynamite’s website.

Vampirella #1 1969 Vampirella #1 1969 Vampirella #1 1969 Vampirella #1 1969