After the dramatic conclusion of the last arc in issue #6, Dynamite’s Red Sonja Vol. 5 #7 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the fearsome flame-haired warrior. It also marks the hiatus of regular artist  Mirko Colak (Conan) and the entrance of Bob Q for the next couple of issues. Colak is set to return with issue #10.

This isn’t the first time writer Mark Russell (The Flintstones, The Wonder Twins, Second Coming) and Bob Q (James Bond Origin, The Lone Ranger) have teamed up. Their initial pairing occurred during their Lone Ranger run. This summer, they also released an oversized Red Sonja one-shot called Red Sonja: Lord of Fools that featured stories taking place after the ongoing’s issue #6.

This next installment features plenty of action for fans of the swordswoman. The invasion has taken its toll and the hostage kings are considering a revolt. Meanwhile Sonja will head into the woodlands to seek help from a leaderless tribe, whose leader she killed.

Fans can expect a ton of gorgeous covers by top talent like Amanda Conner, Joseph Michael Linsner, Khoi Pham, and Collette Turner. Other cover selections include a Bob Q Seduction option, a cosplay variant, black and white versions, and virgin variants.

Red Sonja Vol. 5 #7 hits your favorite local comic shop on Wednesday August 14. It will also be available on Dynamite’s website as well as digitally on Comixology, Dynamite Digital, iBooks, Kindle, and more. Take a look at an exclusive preview below.

Red Sonja Vol. 5 #7 Red Sonja Vol. 5 #7 Red Sonja Vol. 5 #7 Red Sonja Vol. 5 #7 Red Sonja Vol. 5 #7 Red Sonja Vol. 5 #7 Red Sonja Vol. 5 #7