As if Penultiman isn’t hard enough on himself already. He was rejected once by his highly-evolved 91st Century creators, who viewed him as aberration and banished him to the 21st Century. Even becoming the greatest hero of that era couldn’t make up for that. And then they rejected him again after calling him back to the future to help with a physical threat they were incapable of stopping. How’s he going to feel now that he’s returned to the present to find his robotic assistant, Antepenultiman, who Penultiman left in charge while he was away, has managed to live both his superhero life and his secret identity life better than he ever could?

Check out a five-page preview, exclusive to The Beat, of Penultiman #2. Published by AHOY Comics, the second issue of the series arrives in comic shops next Wednesday, November 11th.

Written by Tom Peyer
Art by Alan Robinson
Color Art by Lee Loughridge
Lettered by Rob Steen

His confidence shattered, 2020’s most magnificent superhero seeks reassurance from a strange source: his incarcerated arch-adversary, terror-scientist Zev Zollo! PLUS: text features and short prose fiction, illustrated to the ultimate!

Penultiman #2 PagePenultiman #2 Page Penultiman #2 page