This is it. For eleven issues, Future Quest Presents has brought us a series of zany and out-there stories from Hanna Barbera’s vast library of characters. From Herculoids to Space Ghost to Birdman, the throughline tying all these stories together is an unwaving belief in the idea that anything can happen. You can even put a working brain in a fifty foot robot and bring it to life just in time to see a monstrous trained beast unleashed upon the world!

The finale to Future Quest Presents #12, featuring Frankenstein Jr., hits shelves this Wednesday! Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview after the jump.

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Alain Mauricet
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Carlos Mangual

We saved the biggest for last: a long-abandoned gene-splicing project created by Dr. Zin has been reactivated, and even the F.E.A.R. agents who brought it back to life can no longer stop it! Who can? How about Buzz Conroy and Frankenstein Jr.! FINAL ISSUE