In last week’s Batman #60, Tom King and Mikel Janin had a patriarchal surprise in store for Bruce. And while us readers are still reeling from that issue’s epic cliffhanger, Tom Taylor and Otto Schmidt have a very different sort of fatherly tale in store for this Wednesday’s Batman Annual #3.

While Alfred Pennyworth has been Bruce’s most loyal and longstanding ally in the latter’s endless fight for Gotham’s safety, he spends most of his time on the sidelines. We hear him on the comms and see him on the margins of panels, looking on as Batman dominates the stage. Not tonight, however. On this night, Alfred will have a chance to shine.

Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview of Batman Annual #3 after the jump!

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Otto Schmidt
Letterer: A Larger World’s Troy Peteri

“THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PENNY!” Alfred Pennyworth has been Batman’s most trusted ally and confidant since the Dark Knight first hit the streets of Gotham City. Now, witness Batman’s battle for justice from Alfred’s perspective and learn how harrowing that journey has been as Batman experiences one of the worst nights Gotham City has ever seen—a night that will push Alfred to the breaking point! Best-selling writer Tom Taylor presents an epic tale that promises to be one of the most Alfred stories ever told!


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