Described as the “ultimate story of mother-daughter conflict”, Renegade Arts Entertainment’s acclaimed Shame series has a new installment this week. Hell’s Flaw, book 5 in the series, is brought to you by writer Lovern Kindzierski, artist John Bolton, letterer Todd Klein, contributor Annie Parkhouse, and editor Alexander Finbow. Read a synopsis of the original graphic novel here:

“Shame’s gateway to Hell stands poised to pour forth its demonic legions upon the world. Hope, Merritt, and Grace know they must close it before it is too late. Shame’s followers are determined to stop them.

Hope has to face the corruption of a trusted friend and ally, whilst also fighting her way through the horrific monsters that bar her way back to Cradle. Her innocence and resolve will be put to the test as she faces the full fury of Shame’s evil acolytes.”

The publisher has also announced that the creators of Shame have committed to publishing nine books in total to bring the mature fantasy series to its exciting conclusion.

Hell’s Flaw will hit stores on Wednesday, May 19. Ahead of the book’s release, The Beat received an exclusive preview of a few interior pages as well as the cover art. Take a peek here!

Shame Shame Shame Shame


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