Collecting issues #1 through #4 of the miniseries, the Robots vs Princesses Vol 1 trade paperback is dropping this week, giving readers a new edition of the fantasy tale. Written by Todd Matthy, the 104-page book is illustrated by Nicolas Chapuis, who also provided art for the cover depicting the princesses in all their colorful glory while a giant robot looms behind them.

The all-ages fantasy tale follows the plucky Princess Zara, who stumbles upon the Decimator defector Wheeler while in search of a dragon. She then sets in motion events that will pit the spritely cleverness of fairy tale princesses against the raw power of giant robots, sparking the epic confrontation between the two very different sides. It is the unlikely matchup you never realized you needed to see until now. Fans of all ages can enjoy the story, whether you love your princesses or your mech.

The Robots vs Princesses Vol 1 trade paperback hits stores this week on Wednesday October 16. For more on the series or to order your copy online, head over to Dynamite Comics’ website.

The Beat received an exclusive and extended preview of the entire first chapter of the book. Before purchasing the trade paperback, read it here for free.