Cassie Hack, Slasher Hunter Supreme, was sure she’d gotten rid of those teenager-perforating undead menaces, but now they’re suddenly coming back to life. The next step is that Cassie and Vlad must team up with megadeath dispenser Evil Ernie to stop the slaughter. Worlds collide as they find themselves on a path through the Chaos! universe where they’ll meet Chastity, the Chosen, and Purgatori. Welcome to Hack/Slash vs Chaos! 

Writer Tim Seeley returns to his Hack/Slash world just in time to pit them against the classic horror universe of Chaos! Comics. The art team includes Rapha Lobosco and Celor, and the 132-page trade paperback edition features cover art by Seeley himself.

Since its debut in 1994, the Chaos! Comics canon has brought horror fans colorful characters such as Chastity, Evil Ernie, Purgatori, Lady Death, Lady Demon, Jade, and more. The world lived on until 2002, and Dynamite Entertainment revitalized the universe in 2014 with Seeley leading the charge in the series Chaos! Comics.

Fans can pick up the trade paperback of the collected Hack/Slash vs Chaos! series this Wednesday, October 9. If you are looking for digital, check out Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more. Head to Dynamite’s website to order your copy.

Before purchasing, check out an exclusive and extended preview of the entire first chapter.