One of Lobster Johnson’s most enigmatic adversaries is the assassin known as Crimson Lotus. Shrouded in a veil of mystic Japanese culture, little is actually known about Yumiko Daimio. This week, fans who’ve wanted to learn more about this character are about to be rewarded with one of the first 25th Anniversary of Hellboy mini-series’ Crimson Lotus. This five issue series, written by John Arcudi and drawn by Mindy Lee, will introduce you to the little girl unfairly caught in the middle of the Russo-Japanese war who would become one of the deadliest characters in all of Dark Horse Comics.

We’ve got an exclusive preview of issue #1 along with a look at some of artist Mindy Lee’s character designs for the series.

If these are any indication, Dark Horse is starting the 25th Anniversary of Hellboy with peak Mignolaverse efficiency as issue one seeks to deliver on giving a voice and story to one of this universe’s most under-utilized characters.


Writer: John Arcudi

Artist: Mindy Lee

Colorist: Michelle Madsen

Cover Artist: Tonci Zonjic

Before she became Lobster Johnsons greatest adversary, the Crimson Lotus was a young girl whose family was caught up in the Russo-Japanese War. Thirty years later, the Lotus exacts her revenge with terrifying international effects, and two spies must try to chase her through China before they become flies in her web.

Crimson Lotus #1 (of 5) will be in stores November 21st. 

As a special bonus, check out behind the scenes of artist Mindy Lee’s design work on the characters she’ll illustrate for her Mignola verse debut in the pages of Crimson Lotus.