Deathstroke can survive anything. Well– almost anything, it seems. He’s dead now.
After a simmering rivalry with the young Damian Wayne reached a boiling point, the entire Teen Titans team found themselves pit against Slade Wilson in a crossover event called “The Terminus Agenda.” During the event, Slade forced Damian to confront the contradictions of his upbringing. On the one hand, there was the deadly and cruel path presented to him by Talia and Ra’s al Ghul. On the other hand, there was Batman. By the end of it all, Slade had put a gun in Damian’s hand, challenging the boy to make a choice– violence or mercy. But shockingly, one of Damian’s fellow Teen Titans took the choice out of the conflicted Robin’s hands.
The result is this– the start of “Deathstroke: RIP.” Those who knew Slade for better or worse have gathered to mourn (or celebrate) his passing. However, it seems that, even in death, Slade can’t be allowed to rest. The Legion of Doom wants his body and everyone’s wondering– who killed the nearly-unkillable man?
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Writer: Priest
Penciller: Fernando Pasarin
Inker: Ryan Winn
Colorist: Jeremy Cox
Letterer: Willie Schubert
“DEATHSTROKE: RIP” starts here! Deathstroke is dead, secretly killed at the hands of a Teen Titan. As Slade’s closest friends, enemies and frenemies pay their respects (and disrespects) to the World’s Deadliest Assassin, some uninvited guests crash the event—the Legion of Doom! But what do they want with the body of the most lethal man on the planet? And will anyone find out who killed him? A brand-new storyline begins here…with an ending you won’t see coming!