Something dark is lurking in the woods surrounding the isolated Annandale College in Upstate New York. In the Bettie Page Halloween Special, students are being hunted regularly, and now supermodel superspy agent Bettie Page must investigate the culprit, which puts the pinup girl front and center in Werewolf 101.

Written by David Avallone (ElviraDrawing Blood) and illustrated by Roy Allan Martinez (Zorro: Swords of Hell) the 40-page special features covers by John Royle (Elvira, GI Joe) and Reilly Brown (Deadpool, Lobo). There is also a virgin version of Royle’s installment. The Halloween one-shot also offers a bonus short story by Eric Schultz (XenaDaredevil) and artist Fernando Ruiz (ArchieDie Kitty Die!) that follows Bettie and Lyssa to the drive-in with a bunch of intergalactic gate crashers. Fans can enjoy aliens, classic cars, and a little sci-fi double feature.

“Throughout the Bettie series, I’ve tried my best to have some fun with classic mid-century pop cultural tropes and pitting her against a Wolfman is a natural extension of that,” says Avallone. “Roy Allan Martinez’s style is reminiscent of some of my favorite 1970s horror artists (and his fellow countrymen) Alfredo Alcala and Nestor Redondo, but with a modern twist… so he was perfect for this story. And his rendering of Bettie Page is gorgeous and perfect. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Schultz adds, “I’m very excited to contribute to the Bettie Page Halloween Special with Fernando Ruiz. I always knew who Bettie Page was, but it wasn’t until I started writing for Dynamite that I learned she had a secret life! It’s great to have the opportunity to add to that mythology!”

The Bettie Page Halloween Special will hit comic shops on Wednesday October 2. If you prefer digital, head over to Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more. Stop by Dynamite’s website for more.

Ahead of the release, take a look at an exclusive and extended preview of a few pages and the covers here.

Bettie Page Halloween Special Bettie Page Halloween Special Bettie Page Halloween Special Bettie Page Halloween Special Bettie Page Halloween Special Bettie Page Halloween Special


  1. Randomly checked out this preview. Surprised to see “Annandale College”. As someone who went to the real there from 86-90, I can tell you that the building depictions are photo-referenced.
    Looked up the writer. Turns out he graduated from the real college in ’87.
    I bet he also remembers how the campus bookstore always had 2-3 dozen copies of each X-Men issue back then. For “Annandale College” is the “small Liberal Arts college somewhere in Upstate New York” that was occasionally referred to by another comic-writing alumni.
    I wonder if Betty meets a Professor Grey in this story?

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