Ra’s Al Ghul is building a family. From the mighty and deadly Ishmael to the captive and brainwashed Sofia Ramos, aka Babylon, Ra’s is meeting Batman’s forces with a team of his own. And now, in Batman and the Outsiders #7, Ra’s plans to steal one of Batman’s soldiers for himself.

In the previous installment of the series, Cassandra Cain and Duke Thomas were exposed to “the gift of the truth”: that Batman has kept one of the villains he created, Karma, locked away beneath the ground. In a conflict that followed, Cassandra was forced to battle her villainous mother, Lady Shiva, while Duke dealt with Ishmael. Both of the heroes lost, and while Cassandra was left alone to nurse her wounds, Ishmael took Duke hostage, ready to expose him to Ra’s’ “truth” as Batman and the Outsiders #7 begins.

Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview of Batman and the Outsiders #7, out this Wednesday, after the jump.

Writer: Bryan Hill
Artist: Cian Tormey
Colorist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Batman and the Outsiders #7 Cover Batman and the Outsiders #7 Cover BBatman and the Outsiders #7 Interior Batman and the Outsiders #7 Interior