We’re deep in the lead-up to the next big DC event (possibly a Crisis? Could be! So says our fearless leader!), and we’re currently even in the middle of one now called Hell Arisen, which sees a number of our favorite heroes getting “infected” by The Batman Who Laughs. No one is spared! And that includes our favorite reincarnating space cop (with a mace!), Hawkman. This week’s Hawkman #20 dives into the deep end with its tie-in to the current running events and sees Carter Hall getting all his bad past selves involved. A neat hook for the conflict!

We’ve got an exclusive preview for the new issue (in stores this Wednesday!) from fellow ATLien Robert Venditti and Fernando Pasarin, here’s the solicit to whet your undying appetite:

The Batman Who Laughs has infected Hawkman, and now Carter is drawing on the worst versions of himself from his past incarnations. This evil Hawkman is seeking to access the ancient tomb whence all his powers flow. Meanwhile, the Atom and Hawkwoman are in pursuit, hoping to stop their friend from doing something terrible he can’t undo and potentially bring Carter Hall back to his senses.

Hawkman #20 Hawkman #20 Hawkman #20