The members of the council of the Bear Clan cannot die– or at least, that’s the way it had been for thousands of years. Then the Infinite Woman killed her brother, the Immortal Man. As she sets her plans for conquest into motion, it’s up to the Immortal Men, a secret world-saving organization, to stop her. Are they up to the task?

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Storytellers: Tyler Kirkham & James Tynion IV
Colorists: Arif Prianto & David Baron
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

The Immortal Men are supposed to be a secret world-saving organization. But that cat will be out of the bag if they can’t stop the Infinite Woman and her brood of Bloodless soldiers, commanded by the Kill! And as the fight spills out into the greater DC Universe, which classic DC hero will rise to seek the answer to the unanswerable question: Who are the Immortal Men? (Of course, being dead is a lot worse than going public.)