So many of our faithful Beat readers checked out our last preview pages from Titan’s forthcoming US release of Junko Mizuno’s Ravina the Witch?  that we jumped at the chance to give you another exclusive helping of gothic kawaii beauty.

Ravina the Witch? continues in the same vein as Mizuno’s previous fairy tale inspired books, like Cinderalla and Princess Mermaid, but tells it’s own story. From Titan:

Ravina the Witch?, from the supremely talented visual artist Junko Mizuno, is a dark, fantastical illustrated tale featuring talking animals, giant birds and dancing mushrooms. When Ravina is given a magic wand by a mysterious old woman, she turns from a lonely girl living in a dump… into a witch?

Though Mizuno’s style and subject holds appeal for younger readers, Ravina the Witch? features mature themes, including BDSM, that are more appropriate for an older audience.

Check out the already released double pages, seen first here at The Beat, and dive into more twisted and stunning artwork in the two extra pages we’ve exclusively obtained. Ravina the Witch? hits stores in early 2017.






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