In Archie’s Halloween Spectacular #1, arriving at your Local Comic Shop beginning on October 5th, 2022, readers will be introduced to two brand-new characters: Trick & Treat!

The two new characters were designed by Archie Comics art director Vincent Lovallo (Bite Sized Archie).

Meet Trick & Treat

Lovallo had this to say about the creation of the two new, too spooky Archie Comics characters Trick & Treat:

“Editor-in-Chief Mike Pellerito had a few initial ideas in mind with the ultimate goal to have them be our go-to Halloween mascot characters, similar to Jingles the Elf or Sugar Plum the fairy from previous Archie holiday stories. We discussed that their proportions should be similar to those characters, but with more of a Funko Pop or Chibi design and that they would be a play on the classic concept of an angel or devil on a person’s shoulders. However, despite those attributes, both characters are equally spirits of Halloween, so naturally, they can get pretty scary if they need to with their shape shifting abilities.


“We both liked the idea of Trick having a jack-o’-lantern head, and to emphasize it’s the more devious of the pair, I made Trick’s eyes, teeth, hands, and wings sharp to show it has an edge. We also thought Treat should lean more ghostly, so I thought it would be fun to have its appearance be similar to a ghost doll decoration that hangs on a tree, which is why you see a small piece of string trailing behind it. I also wanted to contrast Trick by having Treat’s design be smoother and sweeter overall. Complete with a stem for schemes and a dapper candy bowtie, Trick and Treat are ready to bring Halloween fear and fun to Riverdale this fall!”
Trick & Treat
Trick & Treat

Archie’s Halloween Spectacular


Here’s the description of Archie’s Halloween Spectacular #1 from the publisher:

“This year’s Halloween spectacular kicks off with a BRAND NEW story! In ‘Spirits of Halloween,’ meet TWO new characters to the Archie universe: Trick and Treat! This pair of impish magical creatures come around every Halloween to cause chaos wherever they go—and this year, that just so happens to be Riverdale! How much mischief will they cause Archie & the gang while trick or treating? Plus, a collection of hilarious Halloween tales!”

The new story is written by Ian Flynn ,with art by Ryan Jampole, colors by Glenn Whitmore, and lettering by Jack Morelli. The issue will feature a cover by Jampole and Dan Parent.

Here’s what Flynn had to say about the story, and Lovallo’s designs for Trick & Treat:

“Trick and Treat may be new characters, but they’d feel right at home with the classic creations. Vin Lovallo’s designs strike that perfect balance of vintage appeal and modern sensibilities. Since they’re the spirits of Halloween, I wanted to make sure neither of them was the ‘good one’ or the ‘bad one.’ They’re both about fun and enjoying the holiday, but they both have a bit of a naughty streak. I hope folks enjoy them, and we get to see more of them in the future.”

And artist Jampole had thoughts to share about the story with The Beat as well:

What I really enjoy about them is because they are spirits, they are really rubbery and expressive and it allowed me a lot of freedom to stretch and squash them into all sorts of goofy poses. It was a lot of fun to draw that alongside the slightly more grounded Archie characters, kind of like Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Toon Town and the real world interacting.

Available Autumn 2022

Meet Trick & Treat this autumn!

Trick & Treat will be making their debut in Archie’s Halloween Spectacular #1, available at your LCS beginning October 5th.

Will you be picking up a copy of the issue when it arrives? What do you think of these two new, too spooky Archie Comics characters? The Beat wants to hear from you! Give us a shout-out, right below this article in the comment section or over on social media @comicsbeat, and let us know what you’re thinking.