Mad Cave Studios celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and its children’s graphic novel imprint, Papercutz, is kicking things off with a bang. Today, the publisher announced a partnership with Disney to produce a series of comics featuring iconic and beloved characters, and The Beat has all the details.

The Papercutz line of Disney comics will focus on Disney’s many film properties, including such favorites as Encanto and Turning Red, as well as cable series hit Finneas and Ferb. Classic Frozen, 11 Dalmatians and Disney Fairies will show up in reprint volumes. 

Papercutz joins other Disney comics licensees that include Marvel and Random House. For instance, Random House published the official Encanto and Turning Red graphic novels…but there’s obviously a lot more Mouse House content out there and kids who want to read it so this is a pretty blockbuster deal for Papercutz. 

The first Papercutz x Disney book will hit shelves in May for Free Comic Book Day: Disney’s Encanto & Turning Red Free Comic Book Day Special will be available May 4, with stories featuring the magical Madrigal family and more of Mei Lee’s enchanted life. Then on May 14, The New Adventures Of: Turning Red Vol. 1 will hit shelves, diving even further into Mei’s world and exploring the world of Turning Red through a full-length graphic novel.

In June, Papercutz will release Phineas & Ferb Vol. 1 (June 11) and The New Adventures Of: Encanto Vol. 1 (June 25), continuing its FCBD offerings with the latter and introducing a classic Disney IP to its catalog with the former. Three additional titles will be released during the summer: Frozen: Olaf’s Comics Collection (July 16); Disney Fairies 4 in 1 Vol. 1 (July 23); and 101 Dalmatians Early Readers (August 13).

May 2024: A Month of Marvelous Adventures

  • Disney’s Encanto & Turning Red Free Comic Book Day Special (May 04, 2024): Kick off the magic with a special treat for comic book enthusiasts of all ages. (Click here to discover a participating store near you.)
  • The New Adventures Of: Turning Red Vol. 1 (May 14, 2024): Dive into the colorful world of Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red and experience the excitement in graphic novel form.

June 2024: Discover New Dimensions

  • Phineas & Ferb Vol. 1 (June 11, 2024): Join the hilarious duo on their epic adventures in this must-have comics collection.
  • The New Adventures Of: Encanto Vol. 1 (June 25, 2024): Explore the extraordinary world of Disney’s Encanto in a graphic novel that will capture your heart.

July 2024: Cool Down with Summer Delights

  • Frozen: Olaf’s Comics Collection (July 16, 2024): Beat the summer heat with Olaf’s charming and laugh-out-loud comics collection.
  • Disney Fairies 4 in 1 Vol. 1 (July 23, 2024): Delve into the magical realm of fairies with this enchanting 4-in-1 collection.

August 2024: Early Readers Extravaganza

  • 101 Dalmatians Early Readers (August 13, 2024): Introduce young readers to Disney’s 101 Dalmatians in an accessible and delightful format.