Future State Swamp Thing #1 is out early next year from the team of Ram V., Mike Perkins, June Chung, and Aditya Bidikar.

It’s out January 5, to be exact, and like the other exciting comics that make up DC’s Future State, it promises to give a glimpse into the DCU’s potential future following the cataclysmic events of Dark Nights: Death Metal. This is also one of the many titles in the two-month linewide event that will essentially transfer its creative team to an ongoing series come March, that team being writer Ram V., artist Mike Perkins, colorist June Chung, and letterer Aditya Bidikar.

And today, The Beat is excited to offer an exclusive preview that contains the first fully colored and lettered pages of the book, within which you’ll find an epic two-page spread that shows many glimpses of the DCU, guiding readers through them with poetic Swamp Thing captioning (even using the … that for my money Swamp Thing should always always always have).

An early glimpse of this one has heightened my own excitement for it and the run to come even further, seemingly combining as it does Ram’s keen eye for the macabre of the DCU (honed during his time on Justice League Dark) with the grandiose, highly-literary captioning that helped facilitate his rise through comics on the sensational Vault Comics historical fiction vampire series, These Savage Shores. Indeed, since these comics were first announced, teaming Ram with Perkins on Swamp Thing has seemed like one of the savviest editorial moves, and now its nice to see that born out with these very intriguing preview pages.

Anyway, you can find our exclusive preview pages from Future State Swamp Thing after the jump…this will be a great comic to come back to early next year while recovering from the post-holiday season doldrums…hope you enjoy the peek!

Future State Swamp Thing

Future State Swamp Thing