Last month we brought you the news that Titan Comics would release the first English-language printing of Sky Doll: Sudra, the fourth volume of the Sky Doll comic series, in March 2017. Today we’ve got another Sky Doll: Sudra exclusive for Beat readers: first two pages of art from issue 1 and several covers for issue 2.

Sky Doll: Sudra follows the adventures of Noa, the star of the popular Italian comic series from Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa, as she fights against the dystopian religious society that created and enslaved her. From Titan:

In Sky Doll: Sudra, Noa and her band of followers have settled on the beautiful planet of peace, Sudra, where religions and people co-exist in harmony. As Noa secretly plays at being a priestess, she begins to learn things about Sudra that suggest all is not as it seems…

Check out the first two pages of issue 1, which sees release on March 8, 2017.

Has that taste of Sky Doll left you hungry for more? Below are the covers for issue 2. The first two are by Barbucci and Canepa, while the last features brand new artwork from Matteo De Longis, created exclusively for Titan’s release of the series. Issue 2 of Sky Doll: Sudra will hit shelves on April 12, 2017.


  1. Barbucci is an amazing artist. And as good as he is with drawing cute girls with a propensity to overflow their tops, he’s even better at drawing backgrounds from his imagination and characters with a very animated appearance and style. He can act with his pencil, and likely would have made a good Disney animator on an alternate earth.

    I’m just reading “Ekho” now, which he’s drawn four or five volumes of so far, and they’re beautiful, too, and lots of fun. (Alternate earth, talking squirrels, trips around the world….) I’ll link up my review of the first volume to my signature here…

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