Ahoy Comics is once again this year parodying-slash-desecrating the memory of famous (and public domain available) author Edgar Allan Poe, with a new horror anthology.

Whereas the past two years, this tradition has been titled Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror, this year he’s traded said terror for something new — blood. That’s right folks, this year’s book is called Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood. Slated to hit comic shops October 21, the book is another anthology of comics and other content, framed by an embarrassingly drunk Edgar Allan Poe, who can’t do anything about it because his image is public domain and also he’s dead.

Fans of this series of comics should also be happy to learn that the next trade collection of last year’s Edgar Allan Poe comics is due out this month too.

But first! Today, The Beat is honored to have an exclusive excerpt from the forthcoming first issue. Titled The Black Dog, this work is from writer Paul Cornell and artist Russ Braun, and you can check it out after the comic’s official solicit as per Ahoy Comics below. Enjoy!

(W) Paul Cornell, Dean Motter
(A) Russ Braun, Dean Motter
(C) Jill Thompson

The SNIFTER OF TERROR returns with an all-star snark-fest under a bloody new title! Paul Cornell (Doctor Who) and Russell Braun (The Boys) reimagine Poe’s “Black Cat”––as a dog! In “Atlas Shrugged” (no relation), Mr. X creator Dean Motter settles the science vs. religion debate once and for all! Plus: prose, pix, and a jaunty cover by Scary Godmother’s Jill Thompson!

October 21, 2020

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe