The PrideThe Pride — which is a story about the world’s greatest LGBTQ+ was first published by comiXology originals — will be getting its first-ever print edition in June 2021, coinciding with Pride Month that year.

Dark Horse Comics will be publishing an omnibus edition of the book in conjunction with comiXology, and it will include The Pride Season One, The Pride Season Two, and The Pride Adventures, which is a collection of stand-alone stories. Writer Joe Glass created the series, which features FabMan, a superhero who is tired of being seen as a joke, so he brings together the world’s greatest superheroes to form a group called The Pride, which protects the world while also fighting prejudice, misrepresentation, and injustice.

In addition to Glass, many other creators also worked on the project, including writers Sina Grace, Mike Garley, and PJ Montgomery, as well as artists Gavin Mitchell, Cory Smith, Dani Abrams, Samir Barrett, Elizabeth Beals, Maxime Garbarini, Hector Barros, and Cem Iroz, among others.

The Beat recently had a quick conversation with Glass about this news, and you can find it below…enjoy!

THE BEAT: So, the ways we read comics are rapidly-changing, but is there just something special about holding a giant book of your work in print? 

JOE GLASS: Oh sure! I love the digital format for the things it can do and the accessibility of it, but there’s just something special about getting your work in print, and in a gorgeous huge collection too? Come on, who doesn’t want a great, fat book of fabulousness sitting on their bookshelves. Plus, let’s face it, for all the naysayers about digital comics, or digital books, they’ll never replace the way that people feel about physical books. People still love that tactile feel of the thing, and hold it in an elevated space in their hearts. There’s something important in being able to have a book filled to the brim with LGBTQ+ representation in that format too.

THE BEAT: How significant is it that this new format for your story is arriving in stores during Pride Month?

GLASS: This is a month where a growing portion of the world takes a moment to take a step back and look at the steps forward we’ve made, and the battles still to fight, but mainly to celebrate the creativity, artistry and love of the LGBTQ+ community. It is both an honor and a privilege to see this gorgeous book released to coincide with this important time. And hey, it worked well when we launched Season Two on comiXology digitally for Pride Month last year. It’s a great chance to treat yourself or that special LGBTQ+ person in your life to something that celebrates them and makes them the hero; but it’s also just amazing to think that during Pride Month, people will have access to it everywhere from comic shops to book stores to libraries, anywhere in the world, in a way that just wasn’t possible before.

Not to put too fine a point on it, it feels like a victory, and this is a time for us to celebrate those victories where we can.

The Pride Omnibus is available for pre-order now through AmazonBarnes and Noble, and your local comic shop.


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