Batman is the premier franchise in today’s DC universe, with the flagship Batman title having overtaken Justice League in the sales column.  Batman: The Dark Knight was conceived as an artist’s title, the original artist in question being David Finch.  With Finch heading over to the new Justice League of America title (of which I’m certain we’ll hear more about at NYCC), that leaves B:TDK without a name artist.  Or did until DC announced Ethan Van Sciver was taking over this morning.

Van Sciver is most closely associated with Green Lantern, having been the principle artist for the relaunch with Geoff Johns that fixed revitalized the character.  He also worked with Johns on the (Barry Allen) Flash relaunch and has spent some time co-writing the New 52 version of Firestorm.

The writer on B:TDK will continue to be crime novelist Gregg Hurwitz.


  1. So they’re replacing a slow artist who can’t make deadlines with ANOTHER slow artist who can’t make deadlines?!?

    I guess no one learned from New X-Men…

  2. This is dumb. This book was created to justify Finch’s exclusive contract in an age when exclusives no longer mean much. It NEVER contributed anything to the Batman Universe, and this would be a good time to just pull the plug. This is as bad as when Marvel kept Astonishing X-Men going after Whedon was done. Even bat fans admit there are too many Bat books. Here’s the chance to get rid of one of them.

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