Marvel Comics has announced a new series for one of Jack Kirby‘s most beloved creations. Writer Kieron Gillen and artists Esad Ribić and Matthew Wilson will helm a brand-new Eternals, which is set to launch in November. The publisher made the announcement with a special video featuring interior artwork from Ribić & Wilson, and design art for the characters by Ribić.

Eternals marks Gillen’s return to the Marvel Universe after a five-year absense. Though he’s written other titles for the House of Ideas in the interim, including Star Wars: Darth VaderDoctor Aphra, and the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 series, Gillen’s last work within the Marvel U was on an Angela miniseries that wrapped in 2015. For Ribić, his most recent work for Marvel was the King Thor miniseries the closed out writer Jason Aaron‘s run on the character earlier this year, so a much shorter amount of time off than Gillen.

In a statement accompanying the announcement of the series (the length of which was not specified, but it seems likely that it’s a miniseries), Gillen spoke about how Eternals drew him to return to Marvel:

“I said if I was ever to do a book again at Marvel, it would have to be something I’ve never done before. This is exactly that. This is me teaming up with literally my favourite artist of the epic, taking one of those lightning-storm Kirby visions and re-making it to be as new as the day it was forged,” Gillen said. “While Esad makes whole worlds on the page, I’m applying all the skills I’ve developed when I was away. It’s a lot. It’s everything. There’s enough scale packed in here that I believe that when you look at the comic, you’ll see the pages slightly bulge. Essentially “Eternal” has to mean “never going out of style” which means we’re aiming for “Instant classic.” Also – fight scenes, horror, human drama, emotions, explosions. Comics!”

The announcement of a new Eternals series is not entirely unexpected, given the upcoming forthcoming Marvel Studios film featuring the characters. The release date for that movie currently stands for February of 2021, but it’s unclear if and how that release may be delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which already resulted in the delayed release of the Black Widow standalone film that would’ve kicked off the MCU’s Phase 4.

Check out Ribić’s cover for Eternals #1 below, and look for the first issue to arrive in comic shops in November.



  1. I’m so glad that they’re coming out with a Eternals monthly title that includes Thena Ikaris Makkari Sersi Zuras and hopefully Thanos Eros aka Starfox Alars aka Mentor Kronos Demeityr Aurilius Electryon Astarte Aurelle Suyin King Cybele Daina the mother of Zuras and Alars among others.

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