It’s been quite the week for people exiting their current gig, so here’s one more departure for you:  Erica Henderson announced on Twitter than she’s chosen to leave Squirrel Girl, except for covers, to pursue her own projects.

Henderson, in her own words:


  1. Left to pursue creator owned work. Guess they decided not renew her contract. Thank God, my 6 year old niece can draw better. It’ll be nice to see if they put an actual artist on SG. Marvel is no place for “art” that looks atrocious.

  2. While I’m sure there’s a place for art like hers – it pains me to look at the art in Squirrel Girl. I couldn’t even bear to read Jughead when she was drawing it.

    The “silly style” art just does not work for me. Though I respect that she has fans, and I do believe she has talent… it’s just not something I would seek out, myself.

  3. She made SG look subhuman granted SQ is no great beauty but she is supposed to look human,right?

    Awful artist,no wonder Marvel is doing so poorly.

  4. When I read she was leaving Squirrel Girl, I was worried she might end up on a book I might otherwise want to read (like Jughead). Glad she’s doing creator owned work.

  5. “I left of my own accord to pursue creator owned work.”

    Translation: Sales had gotten bad enough that I can no longer support myself on the residuals.

    Never met Erica, seems like a nice woman. Heard she’s very supportive of her fans at conventions…

    …but I’d love to see Stuart Immomen take over. I loved his version of Squirrel Girl on “New Avengers.”

  6. Such strongly felt and expressed dislike of Henderson’s art! I guess it was important for people to pile on? Like many unique, non – house style art, her work took a couple of issues to get into. But now I really enjoy it and appreciate how well it works for this book, as well as Jughead. I knew Erica and Ryan couldn’t stay one the book forever, but together they’ve created something pretty great. Thanks to both of them and good luck to Erica!

  7. Against my better judgment, I checked out the comments on this article, hoping to see some appreciation for the contributions of one of the creators behind one of Marvel’s best comics. Oh, well. I’ll miss Henderson, but I’ll be sure to follow her work wherever it appears next.

  8. “I really don’t understand why her art makes some people so angry.”

    Just because someone doesn’t like her artwork doesn’t mean they are “angry” about it. I most certainly do not like her artwork and I typed this comment totally anger free.

  9. Wow, I regret reading the comments. I love Squirrel Girl, and the current drawing suits the comic.

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