§ Not-end-of-[something]: Congrats to Jason Lutes and family on the recent arrival of Maximilian Pepper Warren-Lutes.

• Long pieces suitable for free-time reading: Abhay Khosla uses Blue Beetle as a launching point for…something.

Jog’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival musings, transcribings, and dialogs.

§ Brigid Alverson looks at The year in manga, which was far more positive than expected.

§ David Brothers looks back at the year in comics, and manga had a hand in that, as well.

§ Jim Shelley begins a look at The Decade Comics Went Digital — this could be a long one.

§ CBR begins its rollout of the Top 100 Comics of 2009.

§ Likewise, a CBR Decade In Review.

§ Not comics, but The Hollywood Reporter has a bunch of Top Ten lists for the decade. You’ll find some familiar faces in Top 10 Movie Flops of the Decade AND in Top 10 Biggest TV Biz Blunders of the Decade.