The Angoulême festival held its big awards yesterday and the biggest winner was Emil Ferris for My Favorite Thing is Monsters, which has already won so many awards Ferris probably needs to build an addition to her house to hold them all.

She also won a critic’s prize for the book:

The Fauve D’Or (Golden Prize) is the top award for the Fauves, given to the best book of the year. With Rumiko Takahashi winning the Grand Prix, Dominique Goblet leading the prize jury and Emilie Gleason winning the Best Newcomer award, it was a banner year for women cartoonists ar Angoulême, putting them in step with the US market.

Also, the official Angouleme twitter account tweeted the winners IN ENGLISH for what I think was the first time? A huge help for the English language press. And here’s how all the action unfolded.




Ferris gave her usual passionate speech upon winning. Wish I could have been there to see it!


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