ELCAF is tomorrow, and all sorts of wonderous and startling comics and arts are going to be going on all day. Remember the Kokiri Forest from Ocarina of Time? It’s essentially going to be like that, only with more pixies floating through the sky at any given moment. It’s a magical sort of festival, and there’s more things going on than you could justifiably shake a deku stick at.

So to help you keep track of all the books you’ll be pining for across the rest of 2014, tonight I’ll be looking at some of the many projects that are launching or will be available to you. Previews Night!

Dan Berry will be launching a new book at the festival, called ‘The End’. With just 100 copies available tomorrow, each issue is embossed with a gold numbering, and should sell fairly quick, I’d imagine. The premise of the book is that one morning, people wake up to find that the number ’14’ has been daubed across walls all around the UK. Assuming it’s a viral marketing gimmick or something, they don’t pay too much attention – until the next day, when the number has been replaced with a ’13’. And so as the days go by, the numbers start ticking down.

Something supernatural is going on! Zounds, alors! Berry; best known for books like ‘The Suitcase’, ‘Carry Me’, and ‘Cat Island’; will be on hand to explain more.

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If you’re not at ELCAF? You can keep up with Dan Berry’s comics here!