Delta FinalpromoHere is one of those mystery kinds of press releases, in which we’re told about the online comics called THE SURREAL ADVENTURES OF EDGAR ALLAN POO joining online webcomics collective The Chemistry Set. The opening paragraphs give a good idea of the story:

The Chemistry Set is pleased to announce that the webcomic The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo will be joining its line-up in September. Created by writer Dwight L. MacPherson and illustrated by Thomas Boatright, the series began at and is now moving to The Chemistry Set.

Hailed by critics (“A brilliant fantasy epic on par with Mouse Guard.” – Broken Frontier) and creators (“I’ve seen enough to convince me to buy it.” – Kurt Busiek), the first collected volume will be released from Image’s Shadowline imprint on the 22th of August and make its webcomic debut on The Chemistry Set on the 17th of September.

And then continues on with some laudatory comments which you can read in the jump. However no where is it explained what this comic is about, or more specifically…WHY IS EDGAR ALLAN POE BEEN TURNED INTO A TURD? A little sleuthing revealed a laudatory review at Broken Frontier where we learn the truth:

…the historical E.A. Poe, taking care of business in an outhouse latrine, ejects a Mini-Me version of himself, a miniature little tin-type that falls down the toilet hole and into a world that’s one part surrealism a la Alice in Wonderland, two parts high fantasy anthropomorphism a la Redwall, and three parts dark epic danger in the vein of Lord of the Rings. Perhaps Little Nemo in Slumberland is the closest, stand-alone comparison to be made, although even then — in case my flailing from classic to classic in desperate attempt to explain this magnificent bastard of a graphic novel hasn’t already clued you in — the work in question is plainly unique, and stands on its own, a story well worth the read no matter how overexposed to past fantasy standards one may or may not be.

The art does look pretty and the hero does not look fecal in nature, but still…why a poo?

“Faithful Drunk Duck readers will not experience a break in the story continuum,” explained MacPherson.” September 17th is the scheduled update day, but now, instead of visiting the site at Drunk Duck, they will find the newest page posted on The Chemistry Set’s website.” The Chemistry Set is available at
Creator/Writer Dwight L. MacPherson is the man behind Dead Men Tell No Tales (Arcana Studios), as well as Jim Reaper and Lil’ Hellions: A Day At The Zoo (Silent Devil Productions).

“At The Chemistry Set, we’re always looking to stretch the meanings of ‘chemistry’ while also trying to find new niches for our readers,” said co-founder Vito Delsante. “Dwight and Poo do exactly that. We’re excited to have them both!”

The Chemistry Set is a destination for webcomics in a variety of styles from a variety of up & coming and established talent. Founded in 2006, The Chemistry Set boasts three Xeric Award winners and a combined bibliography including work for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Random House, Image Comics, SLG Publishing and many others. Visit The Chemistry Set at


  1. “…the hero does not look fecal in nature, but still…why a poo?”

    Why don’t you contact the creator and find out? When faced with questions, it is always prudent to go to the source for answers. That, Ms. McDonald, is the first rudiment of journalism.

    Dwight L. MacPherson
    Creator Edgar Allan Poo

  2. I guess the first rudiment of advertising is to be vague and uninformative. The first rudiment of public relations is apparently to be condescending.

  3. I’ve seen the first few pages. There was an outhouse but no actual poop. The problem I saw was that it took itself wayyyyyyy too seriously. I’m sorry but if you have “poop” in the name and its not even a real satire or funny… somethings wrong.

    Also being nasty to one of the only people in the mainstream press who covers comics isn’t going to help. Specially when there was no reason with it. It would have made much more sense to have tried sending an sincere email instead of posting a condescending comment.

  4. I don’t believe this press release is vague and uninformative, Christopher. Links are provided–as well as a promotional image, author, launch date, name of site. It’s much more informative than some of Marvel and DC’s recent press releases, actually. And, to be quite honest, Ms. McDonald’s interest was piqued enough to post it here. In fact, I sincerely appreciate her interest in our crazy little strip.

    My intent was not intended to patronize, but rather to encourage Ms. McDonald to go further with her investigative research. It is fact that separates “news” from “hearsay,” and this blog is billed as “The News Blog of Comic Culture” and not an opinion or editorial blog. If it were not billed as news, I would not have responded.

    Dwight L. MacPherson
    Creator Edgar Allan Poo

  5. “Also being nasty to one of the only people in the mainstream press who covers comics isn’t going to help. Specially when there was no reason with it. It would have made much more sense to have tried sending an sincere email instead of posting a condescending comment.”

    My response was not nasty, Scott. If you understand that I am arguing on principle, my reason for pointing out the fallacy of this editorial piece would become quite clear.

    During the course of Ms. MacDonald’s review/editorial, she cites a comic book review as “the truth.” An opinion. When did we begin accepting opinions as “the truth?”Ms. MacDonald then goes on give the reader an opinion of an opinion–which does not quantify it as “the truth” by a long shot. If you Google “Edgar Allan Poo,” the first site on the list is the webcomic. If I were seeking to find “the truth,” I would look to the source material or attempt to contact the creator. Ms. MacDonald did neither.

    This is just indicative of the problems that face today’s society. Opinion is told–and accepted–as fact. People aren’t interested in what the “truths” or “facts” are. No… they would rather base their own beliefs and opinions on the beliefs and opinions of others. Herd mentality (or just plain apathy) has become the norm in America and I think it’s truly sad. That is why I felt I should say something publicly and that is the reason my response came off as “nasty.” I appreciate Ms. MacDonald’s interest and support for comic books, but I do not hold her to any lesser standard than any other journalist or news source. It would be hypocritical to do so.

    Dwight L. MacPherson
    Creator Edgar Allan Poo

  6. Dwight,

    I think you may have missed the point a little. As I read it, Heidi wasn’t trying to get the bottom of this “Poo” business–she was trying to illustrate the vague nature of the press release! Information as to the content of Edgar Allan Poo is lacking.

    Honestly, I think you owe Heidi an apology. You are polite and cordial in your comments, but your condescension shines through all the more for it. Should we hold journalists to a standard? Of course, but the game of semantics you’re playing here hardly qualifies.

    Heidi does great work. One would think a new creator would be simply grateful for the recognition and leave it at that.

    My best to you. EAP is a great-looking book and I’m sure it will do well.

  7. Brock, I understand the point quite clearly. But let me ask you this… have you seen any other news site scrutinize press releases? And if you have, is it done on the news portion of the site? If you consider “Lying in the Gutters” and “All the Rage,” both of those columns contain a disclaimer before the body of their editorials. That lets the reader know the column is “opinion” and not “news.” Anyone stumbling across this column would assume it’s news–a press release. I know I did.

    I hope you can see my point. I really have nothing against Ms. MacDonald. I believe she is doing great things for comic books and comic book creators. I would only hope that she would label future editorial columns as such.

    Thank you for the well wishes, my friend! And best of luck to you in your endeavors.

    Dwight L. MacPherson
    Creator Edgar Allan Poo

  8. Dwight,

    The slug at the top of this blog says “The News Blog of Comics Culture.” My face next to it pretty much ensures that you will get a heaping helping of my opinion with every serving of news.

    Your comic looks intriguing. Your title sounds very juvenile, as I’m sure you yourself know and planned. I found the press release lacking in adding those two things together. Of course, it did pique my interest enough to make me look things up, so in that case it may be said to be very successful.

    To be honest, in my opinion, the title of the work is a big turn off to serious readers. As to whether the premise is carried out in a manner that justifies and enlightens the juvenile title, I have no idea. When I get the hard copy from Image I’ll try to check it out — in which case your press release will have yet another victory to its credit!

    Your defensive demeanor here is another matter. You are welcome to explain the answer to my questions yourself in the white space given — many people do just that and I never censor comments unless they are from obvious trolls. Which you are clearly not.



  9. Heidi, to be quite honest, I’ve never visited your site until this column was pointed out to me this morning. I thought you had posted my press release and I was excited about it. As I read on, I found out that it was an editorial object lesson–something I was not expecting as it is not labeled as being editorial in nature. Many people I showed the column to asked “What kind of news reporting is that?” That was my thought, too, as my first post clearly reflects. Many people come across this page–and many more WILL come across it, I’m sure. New readers. Many will not be initiated to the news with a “healthy heaping of your opinion” and find it unprofessional. A simple label would keep future misunderstandings from happening. That’s all I’m saying.

    Yes… I know you find the title juvenile. My kids, on the other hand, think it’s wonderful. In fact, I receive several e-mails and PMs from parents and children every day who have expressed their love for the title and the webcomic. I wrote this book for my kids and kids everywhere–young and old. I realized that some would be too “mature” to appreciate the clever play on words, but it was a risk I was willing to take. But if you REALLY want to blame someone… blame it on James Russell Lowell and his “A Fable For Critics.” His summation of Poe as a man “Three-fifths of him genius and two-fifths sheer fudge” was my inspiration for the name. Fudge, poo… I don’t know. It just seemed to fit.

    I assure you that my demeanor is not offensive. I have stated what I take exception to and you have explained your stance. We understand each other now and hopefully there are no hard feelings. So if you see me at a con, no Judo chops… okay?

    I appreciate your interest in the book–I truly do. Hopefully you will check it out, see it for what it is (a wonderful all-ages book) and enjoy it.

    Dwight L. MacPherson
    Creator Edgar Allan Poo

  10. Upon reading this “review” I am going to side with Mr. MacPherson on this one.

    How is this even a review so much as a copy and paste job of what every said regarding the book, to which every one I heartily agree with.

    Did you even READ the book? Further more, how can the topic possibly be surprising to you? You haven’t seen poo before? Even still when you question spiderman or batman of his origins, what’s a natural recourse? I don’t know maybe read the material and find out.

    I suggest you (and everyone else here who takes offense to Mr. MacPhersons retort) try and do a little more research and work on your reviews and responses before attack behind your computer screens.

    Lazy journalism and unnecessary bullshit.

  11. No where is this stated to be a review, “Poo”, unless it was of a press release. Perhaps you should check your own reading comprehension skills.

  12. ooh burned Poo!

    ..but why wouldn’t you just review the book instead of reviewing a press release?

    i kinda concur with Poo! even though he can’t read hahahaha

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