near sighted monkey lynda barry
Is there no end to the Good News this day? When the publication of WHAT IT IS was announced, it was intended to be only the first salvo of The Great Lynda Barry Revival from D&Q and here comes more. D&Q will publish two new books by Barry. The Near Sighted Monkey Book: Picture This, and a prose novel, Birdis.

The Near Sighted Monkey Book: Picture This is the creative drawing companion to Barry’s Eisner and R.R. Donnelly Literary award-winning and bestselling comics memoir/creative writing book What It Is. Birdis is Barry’s first prose novel since Cruddy and D+Q’s second ever prose novel. Barry is also the author of 100! Demons!, The Greatest of Marlys and The Good Times Are Killing Me, which won the Washington State Governor’s Award.

“Working with Lynda has been a dream come true in so many ways for D+Q,” said Oliveros. “As a fan, it is the highest honor to work with an artist we have admired for so long. As a publisher, witnessing people’s reactions to Lynda and her art as a painter, cartoonist, writer, illustrator, playwright, editor, commentator and teacher is one of the most rewarding experiences we have ever had.”

The Near Sighted Monkey Book: Picture This will be published in North America by D+Q in Fall 2010; Birdis will be published in 2011.