Dynamite has an exciting–and important–new young adult graphic novel on Indiegogo right now. Thunderous is co-written by M.L. Smoker and Natalie Peeterse, both acclaimed poets, writers, and figures in the Native American community. With interior artist Dale Deforest and cover artist Oriol Vidal, the diverse creative team offers a coming of age tale filled with heart, adventure, family, and more for readers of all ages and backgrounds.


Read the synopsis below:

“Aiyana is an indigenous teen from South Dakota with a life like any other, but all of her understandings of the world around her are flipped upside down when she journeys to a special world. She will meet new friends and foes, and learn to embrace her family’s proud heritage.” 

“The importance of new narratives that are formed from the creativity, resilience and power of Native American communities are necessary to correct the pervasive and damaging stereotypes, misconceptions and ideas that exist in this country about us,” said Smoker. “I hope this is a story that resonates for many children, but, in particular that some Native youth will see themselves reflected in literature and believe they can be their own authors, painters, musicians, and creators in the future. Because representation matters.”


The 100-plus page graphic novel is the kickoff of the ongoing partnership between Dynamite and Curiosity Ink Media, in producing original and licensed stories with diverse perspectives, creative talent, and audiences. By using a platform like Indiegogo, the publisher offers an opportunity for more readers to find works such as Thunderous, especially young readers and those looking for a more diverse, inclusive narrative.

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