Red Sonja is one of Dynamite’s flagship titles, making her one of the publisher’s longest running characters. In their new partnership with Humble Bundle, fans can now snag a ton of digital comics featuring the She-Devil with a Sword while also supporting a good cause against censorship.

Humble Bundle allows fans to pay what they want to suit their budget. For this campaign, there are four tiers, with each tier unlocking more items while including everything from the previous one. The top tier totals 131 issues for only $18, which is 95% off approximately $350 worth of books (and a whopping 3,797 pages!).

Red Sonja

Top writers and artists included in the bundle are Gail Simone, Peter David, Frank Cho, Mike Carey, Amy Chu, Lucio Parrillo, Luke Lieberman, Michael Avon Oeming, Marguerite Bennett, Walter Geovani, Carlos Gomez, Mel Rubi, and more.

In addition Red Sonja ongoing writer Mark Russell (Wonder Twins, The Flintstones) has also written a new standalone tale exclusive to Humble Bundle titled “Petitioning the Queen.” This special story centers on Sonja struggling to prepare for a massive war while juggling her other new duties as Queen of Hyrkania. A pair of “magical” dwarves cause havoc in the streets and force Sonja to confront powers far beyond her understanding. The story elements will reverberate in the flagship as well as something else coming up for the character.

Russell is joined by co-writer Bryce Ingman (Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror) for this story. Art is by Craig Rousseau (Impulse, Batman Beyond), with colors by Dearbhla Kelly and letters from Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.  There is also a cover by Mirko Colak (Conan).

Russell explains, “This is a fun one-off that takes place between the first and second issues of the main series, and yet, introduces characters who will appear much later in the series. Craig’s lighter, more fantasy-toned art and Bryce’s clever writing come together really well in a story that’s more weirdly whimsical than the main series.”

“Mark’s Red Sonja certainly kicks a lot of ass, but her most important weapon isn’t a sword. It’s her mind,” said Ingman. “She’s a whip-smart tactician who’s usually a step or three ahead of those who oppose her, and we’ve stayed true to that dynamic in this Humble Bundle story while at the same time challenging Sonja’s wits by adding some new, irreverent fantasy elements to the mix. I’m insanely happy to get a chance to join in on the fun.”

“I jumped at the chance to draw a Red Sonja short, especially knowing Mark was involved, and Bryce is bringing the A-game, too!” said Rousseau. “Even more so since the fun, quirky aspect of the story let me cut loose. It’s definitely a different, dirtier beast than drawing shiny superhero or sci-fi type stories, and the smaller character moments are what sold me.”

To sweeten the deal a portion of proceeds will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) and the National Coalition Against Censorship. The former provides legal support for artistic professionals around the globe whose work is challenged by censors. From elementary school libraries to political cartoonists, they tackle cases of all sizes and notoriety. The latter is an umbrella alliance of 50 American based organizations with a shared mission of combating censorship across art and expression.

The Red Sonja Humble Bundle is only available for a limited time. To choose your tier, click here.

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