A delightfully written con report:

There was lasagna, sexy salad, intelligent bread, nice red wine, and one kissable mother of a rhubarb pie to wash down the approximately eight tons of original work we forced Chris [Baldwin] to drag out of his studio. All present agreed that it would be easiest simply to chloroform Chris and make off with the best pieces, hoping afterwards he would dismiss it all as an illusion. Unfortunately he showed signs of struggle, so eventually we just grabbed what we could and made a break for it.

The other highlight was establishing first second third fourth contact with Donna Barr, currently reigning as comics’ Most Completely Insane Artist Whose Stuff Somehow Works Beautifully Despite Or Perhaps Because Of It (Dave Sim has retired his title there in recent years, but oh boy, imagine the cage fight he and Donna would produce! Make that a charity event and with the resulting proceeds you could actually buy Harlan Ellison’s silence!).