If this doesn’t make you choke up a little…


  1. Even my heart of permafrost is a little bit melted.

    I had given up on going to see this movie, since all the decent and easily accessible theatres were only showing it in 3D, which, no. But I’ll have to take another look around now that it’s been out a while, and find it in 2D or just go ahead and try 3D, and stop going back to see Star Trek again and again….

  2. Sir Jorge, when you are at the end of your life and finally discover what that one thing you want more than all else is, reflect back to this callous post.

  3. Geez, she was a KID, a little girl! What is she supposed to want? I applaud Pixar for being sensitive and gracious to this little girl who DIED just hours after watching the movie.

    I want to see this movie, but the rest of my family doesn’t. As the responsible Mom, I can’t just take off and go. Oh well … someday … (I know, just wait for the DVD)

  4. UP is a modern classic. I saw it in 2D first but plan to see it in 3D this weekend. It is ten times better than the disappointing MONSTERS VS. ALIENS. UP deserves all of the awards I expect it will receive. The main character is an old man and even though he winds up with a boy sidekick, it is really the old man’s story from start to finish, which is very unusual for a mass market film.

  5. Kat Kan, any way you could get your family to reconsider? UP is an absolutely amazing movie. It’s beautiful, funny and touching. The kind of movie that really does have something for everyone. And the core message of the movie – that sometimes the greatest adventure is the one you are already living – is something that we can all take to heart. My wife and I loved it as did our 4 year old son.

  6. I have to agree, UP was way way so much better than MONSTERS VS. ALIENS. It has adventure, wonderful character moments, a crazy villain, very funny scenes and John Ratzenburger. I’m surprised Heidi has not gone on about it in the way she did with WALL-E.

  7. My daughter Celena is taking me to see UP this Sunday for Father’s Day.
    I can’t wait!
    My four kids grew up with me taking them to all the great Disney movies beginning with THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER to ALADDIN to BEAUTY AND THE BEAST to THE LION KING. We started to get tired of the preachiness
    around POCAHONTAS.
    We switched to Pixar and have viewed almost all of their terrific fare (except CARS and WALL-E) so this Sunday is a continuation of our family going to the movies. There is little else produced today which interests
    and entertains our entire family. Thanks, Pixar!

  8. Choke up a *little*? I couldn’t make it to the second paragraph without having to strangle my own emotions like Rorschach with his hands around every piece of scum in the world…

  9. Carol Burrell–I saw it in 3-D, but it works just as well without 3-D.


    James Van Hise–Up is a much better movie than Monsters vs. Aliens, but I thought the 3-D for MvA was better than it was in Up. Let us know what you think.

  10. my God, that’s one of the saddest things I’ve read in a while. :(

    I’m glad Pixar helped out and I hope the little girl is enjoying her time in Heaven.

  11. What a wonderful thing Pixar did. What a brave young girl.

    ‘Up’ seems like it would be the perfect movie for the dying – it has all the visual qualities of guiding the dying on that last, unknown trip above. That was one smart girl, god bless her.