It’s true! You can actually watch it all online now but everyone get together and watch and go online and tell everyone at Adult Swim that Drinky Crow MUST continue! You can vote on the PILOTS POLL window at the bottom right.

200705131453As a nice bonus, creator Tony Millionaire receives a smart and candid profile by Charles McGrath in today’s Sunday New York Times

IN certain New York artistic circles the cartoonist Tony Millionaire is famous for once, at the end of a very long night, having sex with a slice of pizza. This was in the mid-’90s, a period when Mr. Millionaire, who is large and striking-looking to begin with, used to favor lime-green leisure suits or a tuxedo with a bottle of vodka in the pocket. He would frequently end an evening by climbing on a table, removing his false teeth and declaring, “I am Tony Millionaire!”

Damn straight! We were there and we know! In fact we remember meeting Millionaire for the very first time at a loft party in the mid 90s, and within two minutes he had asked us out on a date. Not five minutes later the hostess of the party came over with a worried look and said “You’re not really going to go out with Tony, are you?” Thus warned, we were free to enjoy his brilliant, nautical-themed pirate antics for many years, and now he’s being profiled in the Sunday Times. We’re darned proud of you, Tony, and you earned every second of it with your sheer genius.


  1. Let it be said with upraised glass: Drinky Crow must live! Civilization cannot survive without the most-humble-one’s peculiar pellet of contribution.

    On with the show! Drinky Crow has a tiny heart of feathers which is quite lacking in most fare of this sort. (Drinky Crow would never KNOWINGLY hurt a flea). This animation, although thoroughly deranged and violent, is ever-so-gently nudging us in the direction of the long march towards a kinder civilization. I just know it. It will lead all the desperate creatures of the world into the salty light. I think. No, I just know it!

    Ebon Fisher,
    Af. Assoc. Professor
    Stevens Institute of Technology
    Castle Point on Hudson
    Hoboken, NJ

  2. What the??!?!!??

    didn’t really enjoy the comics. but moreso than this confusing thingamabob, called a ‘cartoon’.

    it seemed kinda, flat. not enough of a score of musical background I’m so used to in shows. the characters were taling like they were in a movie based on a theatrical play. and it was not all the fun. I think Tony is on some serious drugs.

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