Or at least a good swath of them, including my own Secret Teachings of a Comic Book Master. 

Dover’s line of smart reprints of little seen or unavailable comics from the past has been a surprising success, and now they are available on comiXology and  Amazon’s Kindle Store. The line-up of available titles includes:

  • A Sailor’s Story by Sam Glanzman
  • Blackjack: Second Bite of the Cobra by Alex Simmons and Joe Bennett
  • BOZZ Chronicles by David Michelinie and Bret Blevins
  • Civil War Adventure by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz
  • Last of the Dragons by Carl Potts
  • Mercy: Shake the World by J.M. DeMatteis and Paul Johnson
  • My War by Szegedi Szuts
  • Night and the Enemy by Harlan Ellison and Ken Steacy
  • Puma Blues by Stephen Murphy and Michael Zulli
  • Secret Teachings of a Comic Book Master
  • The Juggler of Our Lady by R.O. Blechman
  • The Magician’s Wife by Jerome Charyn and Francois Boucq

“All of us at Dover are thrilled about the reach comiXology and Kindle will bring to our catalog,” said Jennifer Feldman, Dover Publications Publisher in a statement.  “We’ve known for a while that we publish interesting, entertaining and quality graphic novels and being able to share these titles around the world with the comiXology and Kindle audience is a dream.”

“We’re excited to bring Dover’s eclectic mix of graphic novels to comiXology and Kindle and know their catalog will have something for everyone to enjoy,” added David Steinberger, comiXology co-founder and CEO. “Dover’s graphic content, ranging from all-ages, to amazing sci-fi and even some historical, is the kind of range we love bringing to comics fans everywhere.”

When I was researching my piece on the sales of Secret Teachings I actualy noticed it was already available on Kindle, so some o these titles may have already been converted. At ay rate they are now being promoted via Comixology, and making a whole new audience available for some books that have alredy found a second life.