Bryan Talbot, author of one of the most diverse bodies of work in the contemporary comics canon (Luther Arkwright, Tale of One Bad Rat, Alice in Sunderland) is getting an honorary Doctorate of Letters for his body of work by Northumbria University at their annual degree ceremony in Newcastle. It’s being presented in a ceremony tomorrow. He’s already an honorary Doctor of Arts, having received it four years ago from Sunderland University. Bryan tells us this makes him the first British comic creator to be awarded a doctorate twice.

Congrats, Dr. Talbot!


  1. I’m quite picky, and quick to dismiss stuff I don’t like as just no good – but I gotta admit, even when I couldn’t get into some of Talbot’s stuff ..it still seemed much cooler than a lot of the stuff I could.

  2. Bryan Talbot has created one of the most interesting comics bodies of work there *is*. HUGE Bryan Talbot fan. I met him @ an SDCC @? 3? years ago, & he was totally gracious to me. Raved to him about how much I loved “Tale of One Bad Rat”.

    A true “geeking out” moment. Such talent.